Dr. R. Lee Hamilton, Jr.

President and CEO, Freedom Scientific, Inc.

R. Lee Hamilton, Jr.
A rigorous engineering education trains the mind to analyze and solve difficult problems—an invaluable skill that helps with all of life’s challenges, whether personal or professional, and never becomes obsolete.
Lee Hamilton is the President and CEO of Freedom Scientific, Inc., the market leader in assistive technology products for those who are blind or vision-impaired. Hamilton joined Freedom Scientific in 2002 and successfully completed the integration of the four companies that were merged to form Freedom Scientific. Under Hamilton’s leadership, the company has developed and launched seven new products in two years, improved product quality and customer service, and increased profitability. One of these products, the PAC Mate, is the world’s first and only accessible handheld computer based on Microsoft’s Pocket PC software.

Prior to joining Freedom Scientific, Hamilton was the President and CEO of AirNet Communications Corporation. At AirNet, Hamilton doubled revenue each year and led the corporation to a successful initial public offering in 1999. Under his leadership, AirNet’s products received international recognition with the 1998 GSM World Award for Best Technical Innovation from the GSM Association, a group of over 400 cellular telephone service providers worldwide.

Before joining AirNet, Hamilton was General Manager of Motorola’s Systems Transmission Products Business, with worldwide responsibility for carrier class telecommunications products.

Prior to joining Motorola, Hamilton was an Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University. He earned his bachelor’s degree (summa cum laude) from Virginia Tech in 1982 and his PhD. from Purdue in 1986. Hamilton holds six technology patents and serves on the board of two high-technology companies.
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