Mr. Billy W. Beyers, Jr.

Senior Corporate Technology Advisor (Retired)
Thomson Consumer Electronics

Billy W. Beyers, Jr.
For me, a sound technical education has been essential for making contributions in today’s high-technology society.
Billy Wesley Beyers, Jr., graduated with distinction from the University of Kansas at Lawrence and immediately began his career with the RCA Home Instrument Division, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Subsequently he received his MS from Purdue University and an MBA from Indiana University. In 1980 he became a manager in RCA’s New Product Laboratory. By 1981 his group was working on a modular audio/video system which used microprocessors to communicate between instruments. The system became a product in 1984. RCA Home Instruments became Thomson Consumer Electronics in 1988.

Beyers and his group began work on video compression and HDTV, and discussions were begun with Hughes Electronics about using MPEG video compression for a BSS satellite pay-TV system. By November of 1991, Beyers had overall technical responsibility for the RCA team selected to provide the video compression system and consumer receivers for what was to become the DirecTV Satellite system. DirecTV service began in June 1994. In late 1997 Beyers was chosen to lead Thomson’s new research laboratory in Indianapolis. The laboratory teamed with Purdue and received two 21st Century Awards from the State of Indiana. In 2002 he was appointed to the position of Senior Corporate Technology Advisor for Thomson.

Beyers retired in January 2004. During his career he was awarded 45 U.S. patents and two Emmys—one for his work as a member of the Grand Alliance on HDTV and one as a member of Thomson’s team that developed digital satellite TV receivers.
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