Tiny Machine Learning for Manufacturing (TinyML)

This team will design and implement Tiny Machine Learning on low-power edge devices for smart manufacturing applications

Faculty Mentors:

  • Ali Shakouri
  • Harris Mousoulis


This team will work on adapting machine learning models for video, sound or vibration data to operate on edge AI systems. These systems will be deployed at testbeds and manufacturing spaces and will be used for identifying events, such as operator presence, part detection, and defect analysis. Programming will also require creating data pipelines that connect the sensors to Purdue-hosted or Cloud databases and servers for real-time analytics. The team will also collect datasets to validate the machine learning models and the robustness of the data pipeline.

Relevant Technologies:

  • Edge AI
  • Manufacturing
  • Embedded Systems

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills:

  • Programming in Python

Meeting times: