Upcoming Events:

May NSF Fellowship Workshops:

Getting Started | Thursday, May 5 | 3:30 4: 30 |Online or in-person at YONG B83, Registration
In this workshop, undergraduates and 1st & 2nd yr grad students will begin planning their NSF GRF
applications through learning writing strategies and requirements for competitive applications.
Personal Statement
Personal Statement | Thursday, May 12 | 3:30 4: 30 pm | Online or in-person at YONG B83, Registration
The second workshop in the NSF Fellowship preparation series emphasizes how to write a competitive
personal statement. Topics covered will include how to write in a persuasive tone & how to discern which
experiences to include.
Research StatementThursday, May 19 | 3:30 4: 30 pm | Online or in-person at YONG B83, Registration
Attendees will learn how to refine their research plan into a specific goal with accompanying broader Impacts
and Intellectual merit. Formatting, supporting details, journal references, and theme connections in their
personal statements will be addressed.
Questions? Contact the instructor, Dr. Lisa Nielsen, at lnielse@purdue.edu

SURF 2022:

  • Program Dates: May 23 – August 2, 2022

  • SURF Symposium: July 28-29, 2022

  • SURF Awards Reception: August 2, 10-30 AM-11:30 AM


Tech Showcase: Smart Cities & Lab-to-Life