Information for Students

Timeline for Undergraduate Research Experience

Fall (August - December)


  • Explore Opportunities at the Research Roundtable
  • Fall 2020 Research Roundtable: September 29 (Virtual on Discord)


  • Attend Fall University Research Symposium (Virtual)
  • Attend Fall Undergraduate Research Expo: November 16 - 20 (Virtual)


  • Early application submission for Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

March - April

  • Final matching of students to projects for SURF in summer
  • Accept SURF offer

Fall (August - December)

  • Enroll in ENGR 103: Introduction to Research Pathways course
  • Seek out first-time research opportunities via EURO platform

Spring (January - April)

  • Attend prep workshops
  • Seek out research opportunities via EURO application platform
  • Talk to Professors/UG peers/graduate students

Summer (May - July)

  • Begin full time research as a SURF participant
  • SURF 2022:
    • Application Window: January 10, 2022 - February 15, 2022
    • Program Dates: May 23 – August 1, 2022
    • SURF Symposium: July 28, 2022


Fall (August - December)

  • Enroll 3 credits research in same lab to collect more data, refine, procedure, publish results or present at Fall Research Expo
  • Take paid undergraduate research positions, apply to SURF advanced programs and scholarships (Purdue students only)



  • Explore research labs based on interest
  • Schedule a meeting with Engineering Undergraduate Research Office (EURO)
  • OUR Undergraduate Research Scholarship Application Due


  • Attend Research Roundtable
  • Participate in Research Prep sessions


  • Register for Spring research for credit courses
  • Approach faculty members about future participation in their research
  • OUR Student Research Grant Application Due


  • Register for Spring courses – consider experiential learning (VIP, Research)
  • Attend Fall Undergraduate Research Expo


  • Apply to SURF program
  • Reach out to potential faculty and graduate researchers about job shadowing or part-time work in research labs


  • Discuss about potential research projects and how to prepare for lab work
  • Register for Summer research for credit courses


  • Deadline for SURF Application


  • SURF Placement announcement


  • Attend Spring Research Symposium


  • SURF program begins


  • Immerse in SURF; attend professional development workshops


  • SURF Symposium / Banquet and Awards

Guide to search undergraduate research opportunities

Apply for Research Program