College recognizes teachers with top evaluation scores

The College of Engineering recognized 101 faculty, lecturers and other staff for their outstanding dedication to teaching Boilermaker Engineers.

The College of Engineering recognized faculty, lecturers and other staff for their outstanding dedication to teaching Boilermaker Engineers.

In fall 2020, CIE introduced new teacher evaluation survey questions, including 10 quantitative questions regarding instruction, on a 5-point scale. For this recognition, individual teacher averages were calculated based on six questions that were related to instructor effectiveness. These Engineering faculty, lecturers and other staff had rounded averages of 4.70 or more across these questions in undergraduate or graduate classes with enrollments of 10 and above and 50% or higher response rates based on student evaluations from courses taught in Engineering in fall 2021.

Here is the group:

Asem Aboelzahab, BME

Nusaybah Abu-Mulaweh, EPICS

Jan Allebach, ECE

Rose Prabin Ambrose, ABE

Arezoo Ardekani, ME

Mark Bell, ECE

Hari Bharadwaj, BME

Ernest Blatchley, CE/EEE

Satish Boregowda, ME

Mireille Boutin, ECE

Mark Bowman, CE

Robert Brown, CHE

Stephen Byrn, ABE

Stylianos Chatzidakis, NE

William Clark, CHE

Kari Clase, ABE

William Crossley, AAE

Supriyo Datta, ECE

Chelsea Davis, MSE

James Davis, ECE

Kirsten Davis, ENE

Shawn Ehlers, ABE

Anter El-Azab, MSE

Anter El-Azab, CE

Yiheng Feng, CE

Jing Gao, ECE

Nadia Gkritza, CE/ABE

Craig Goergen, BME

Joaquin Goni Cortes, IE

Rajamani Gounder, CHE

Sherry Harbin, BME

Beth Hess, ME

John Howarter, MSE/EEE

Y. Charlie Hu, ECE

Mohammad Reza Jahanshahi, CE

David Janes, ECE

Brent Jesiek, ENE

Rebecca Johnson, CE

James Jones, ME

Julia King, ME

Milind Kulkarni, ECE

Chi Hwan Lee, BME

Xiaojun Lin, ECE

Jacqueline Linnes, BME

Aaron Lottes, BME

Yung-Hsiang Lu, ECE

Robert Lucht, ME

Matthew Lynall, EPICS

Justin Mansell, AAE

Karen Marais, AAE

Peter Meckl, ME

Michael Melloch, ECE

Venkatesh Merwade, CE

Terrence Meyer, ME

Paul Mort, MSE

Morgan Murphy, ME

Loring Nies, CE/EEE

Liang Pan, ME

Alice Pawley, ENE

Lindsey Payne Haugen, EEE

Elsje Pienaar, BME

Andrew Pierce, EPICS

R. Byron Pipes, MSE/AAE, CHE

Jonathan Poggie, AAE

Senay Purzer, ENE

Minghao Qi, ECE

Anand Raghunathan, ECE

Ankita Raturi, ABE

Donna Riley, ENE

Gabriel Rios-Rojas, GLOBAL

Timothy Rogers, ECE

Thomas Roth, ECE

Maria Caterina Santagata, CE

Shreyas Sen, ECE

Vladimir Shalaev, ECE

Guofan Shao, VIP

Alexey Shashurin, AAE

Jeffrey Siirola, CHE

Joseph Sinfield, CE

Jeffrey Siskind, ECE

Luis Solorio, BME

Ruth Streveler, ENE

Robert Stwalley, ABE

Scott Sudhoff, ECE

Shreyas Sundaram, ECE

Mithuna Thottethodi, ECE

Rodney Trice, MSE

Waterloo Tsutsui, AAE

Maria Mirian Velay Lizancos, CE

Suzanne Walker, HONORS

Phillip Walter, ECE

Matthew Ward, BME

Justin Weibel, ME

Dana Weinstein, ECE

Andrew Whelton, CE/EEE

Keith Woeste, VIP

Wenzhuo Wu, IE

Yuehwern Yih, IE

Stanislaw Zak, ECE

Dianyun Zhang, AAE

Davide Ziviani, ME

Michael Zoltowski, ECE