College seeking 28 new faculty members to drive progress to pinnacle

The College of Engineering is actively seeking the very best candidates from around the world to fill 28 faculty positions, including several data science positions.

“Each new faculty member will play a vital role in helping our already-exceptional college reach the Pinnacle of Excellence at Scale,” said Mung Chiang, the John A. Edwardson Dean of the College of Engineering. “We offer a unique opportunity to join the largest top 10 U.S. engineering college and to build on its distinguished legacy and upward momentum to advance to the next level.”

Driving greater magnitudes of innovation, collaboration and educational quality, the new hires will help Purdue Engineering implement a three-pillared strategy, which calls for:

  • Sharpening our intellectual focus on the cyber/physical interface – uniting bits and bytes with molecules and atoms, and leveraging our long-standing “what-we-touch” strength with our growing “what-we-code” capabilities.
  • Nurturing the largest pool of premier engineering talent in the country – on-campus and online; offering diverse, innovative choices; and upholding the highest academic standards, all at scale.
  • Empowering industry – becoming top-of-mind choice for industry through holistic partnerships spanning online education, curriculum enhancement, executive education, research impact and entrepreneurship.

“To achieve these ambitious goals, we need the highest-quality faculty talent available,” said Arvind Raman, Senior Associate Dean of the Faculty for the College of Engineering. “All searches are taking a very proactive approach to identify the best candidates and encouraging them to apply. Ten of the open searches target data science/machine learning/AI and their applications within disciplines in line with a focus on the cyber/physical interface. Complementary and in addition to the open disciplinary searches, we are also actively identifying and recruiting top talent – ‘dream hires’ – for outstanding individuals at all levels selected based on strong nominations from the faculty.”

Why Purdue Engineering? Raman cited these advantages:

  • A highly collaborative culture – crossing disciplines and involving teamwork with other educational institutions, industry, governmental bodies and nongovernmental organizations.
  • An inclusive, diverse, welcoming community – with milestones including the first Women in Engineering Program in the U.S., birthplace of the National Society of Black Engineers, No. 4 in U.S. bachelor’s degrees awarded to women, a top 10 destination for Hispanic graduate students in engineering, and second-most international students in a U.S. engineering program.
  • World-class research facilities – such as the largest academic propulsion lab, HVAC lab and academic cleanroom in the world; the largest academic hydraulics lab in the U.S.; and nanoHUB, a pioneering cyber-infrastructure for nanotechnology.
  • Extraordinary research and entrepreneurial accomplishments – more than 700 U.S.-issued patents, $182.5 million in FY 2018 research awards, over 60 startups with at least one Purdue Engineering student in a research role, and 2 million-plus patients helped by Purdue biomedical engineering research alone.
  • Exemplary academic rankings – including these U.S. positions: No. 1 in undergraduate and graduate agricultural and biological engineering programs, No. 1 producer of graduate engineers for a public research university, No. 2 in preparing students for the workforce, No. 2 ranking by peers in online graduate engineering, No. 7 engineering program overall, and six schools in the top 10 for their areas of study.
  • A 145-year heritage of engineering research and innovation on which to build – a few indicators: recognition as the “cradle of astronauts” (24 NASA astronaut alumni), six National Medal of Technology recipients, and 25 past and present National Academy of Engineering (NAE) members.
  • An opportunity to have a major impact – through collaborations and networks within the largest top-10 College of Engineering in the U.S., where faculty and students are developing solutions to nearly every grand challenge of the 21st century.
  • High quality of life – with amenities including top-ranked public schools within walking distance of campus, a safe environment, and easy access to Indianapolis and Chicago.
  • A dedicated concierge program – a Purdue Engineering initiative including career and relocation assistance to support dual career couples.

Visit our employment page for details on faculty openings and how to apply for positions.

For further information, please contact: Arvind Raman, Senior Associate Dean of the Faculty, College of Engineering,