PEDLS Julian Allwood, FREng — Panel

Event Date: November 30, 2023
Speaker: Julian Allwood, FREng, Professor of Engineering and the Environment at the University of Cambridge
Time: 9:20 -10:20 AM EST
Location: Virtual
Priority: No
School or Program: Environmental and Ecological Engineering
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What's the role of engineers in delivering decarbonisation at speed and scale?

A discussion that in addition to technologies there needs to be a wider societal discussion about the challenges of costs, speed, societal permission, whole system views etc. to decarbonisation.


  • Julian Allwood, Professor of Engineering and the Environment, University of Cambridge
  • Gokce Esenduran, Associate Professor of Management
  • John Howarter, Associate Professor of Materials Engineering/Environmental and Ecological Engineering
  • Mirian Velay-Lizancos, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, ISF Graduate Fellow


  • Miriam Stevens, ISF Graduate Fellow and graduate of Environmental and Ecological Engineering, Purdue University

Hosted by the College of Engineering, Environmental and Ecological Engineering and the Institute for a Sustainable Future.