Diversity in Engineering

Diversity Resources and Initiatives

Minority Engineering Program

Established in 1974, our programs have been nationally recognized and replicated to advance engineering learning, discovery, and engagement in fulfillment of the Land Grant promise through outreach, recruitment, and retention of historically underrepresented students in their pursuit to become extraordinary Purdue engineers.

Women in Engineering

From mentoring to career development, WIE continually encourages current and future women engineering students by providing interesting and engaging programming relevant to their lives. WIE programs are a place to learn, discover, and explore aspects of engineering and connect with others who are also interested. They are a place of encouragement, support, and positive perspectives for those who are interested in following their dreams by pursuing an engineering degree

Office of Graduate Education Diversity Resources

Contains broad resources for Engineering Graduate students, including student organizations, Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership, and more.

Early Discovery

Purdue Engineering Graduate Programs invites a cohort of faculty and senior staff from pipeline institutions with 4 underrepresented sophomore-level engineering students to a two-day event featuring workshops, facilities tours, and networking opportunities.

Students learn about graduate school, summer research, funding opportunities, and more.

Pathways Scholars Program

Pathways Scholars Program works with the Engineering Undergraduate Research Office (EURO) to select underrepresented students for Summer Research at Purdue Engineering. If you are an undergraduate student, then prepare for Graduate School and your future career as a leader in Engineering through this program!

GEM Fellowship Consortium

Purdue University is a National GEM Fellowship Consortium member. Prospective Graduate students (MS and PhD) who apply to the GEM fellowship will have their Graduate Application Fee waived to Purdue Engineering Graduate Programs. By being a GEM Fellow you can qualify for graduate tuition at no cost to you, a stipend, and potentially an internship.

Graduate Application Fee Waivers

If you are a POSSE Scholar, University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) Meyerhoff Scholar, McNair Scholar, or if you interact with a recruiter at certain National Conference (SHPE, SWE, NSBE, etc…) then you can qualify for an application fee waiver to apply to Purdue University Graduate Programs for free. Be sure to read and follow the instructions on the Graduate School’s fee waiver page.

Inclusion Lunches, Socials, and/or Virtual Happy Hours

Minority Engineering Program (MEP) and the Office of Graduate Education work closely to support our underrepresented Graduate students through monthly events. Join the MEP Graduate Mailing list for more info!

Women in Engineering Program Graduate Women in Engineering Network

The Graduate Women in Engineering Network (GWEN) offers information and support to women engineering students throughout their graduate school education. The GWEN team hosts various events for networking as well as gaining personal and professional development strategies.

Anonymous reporting tool

Available to all Engineering students to raise concerns regarding advisor issues or anything graduate students and postdocs might need to report.

Office of Academic Affairs Diversity Initiatives

Open to both faculty and alumni. Website includes information about ADVANCE-Purdue workshops and The National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD).

National Science Foundation Supplements and Other Opportunities

If you are a faculty member with new or existing NSF funding, there are supplement request mechanisms to engage underrepresented minorities and veterans, develop international collaboration, and consider career-life balance. For more information, check the website and reach out to the specific NSF Program Director for the award.

Concrete Steps for Recruiting, Supporting, and Advancing Underrepresented Minoritized Scientists

This document compiled by faculty and staff across the country is helpful if you need tips on how to mentor students who are Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color.

Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence

Fosters a climate of inclusion for faculty, particularly for women and underrepresented minorities. Emphasizes research and recognition that provides insights for workshops, interventions, and university policymaking in ways that will enable the success of women faculty.

Faculty and Staff Handbook

Gives current, new, and prospective staff members a convenient guide to useful information about the University and its policies, the use of various facilities and services, staff duties, and responsibilities as residents of Indiana.

Academic Procedures

Purdue has been a leader in creating programs for women and minorities in engineering that have become models for the rest of the country to emulate and follow:

  • First U.S. University to have a Women in Engineering Program
  • Birthplace of the National Society of Black Engineers
  • Top 10 destination for Hispanic graduate students in engineering
  • Top 5 in female graduate in engineering fields
  • 20% increase in the retention of underrepresented minority students in the last decade