Dr.  Gary L. Viviani

Vice President and Chief Scientist, Insitu

Dr. Gary L. Viviani
"Electrical engineering provides the stage on which to orchestrate a silent symphony that transforms electron-bearing devices into an extraordinary network of rhythms by way of a carefully created score—assuring simplicity and safety in the things that improve everyday life.  What could be better than having the privilege to create such a symphony?"
Dr. Gary Viviani (BSEE ’77, MSEE ’78, PhD ’80) brings extensive experience in computer-based system-control design, implementation, and manufacture.

Dr. Viviani enjoys convincing electrons to do useful work for humans, or else convincing humans to do useful work with electrons.  His specialty is assuring that a leading-edge, long-lived, product results from these efforts.

His developed products have created advanced automatons in the following industries:  chemical, electric power, defense, semiconductor, electronic measurement and aerospace.  As a university professor, he has received teaching awards as well as contributed to the scientific and engineering community with many journal and conference publications.  He has also been awarded several patents.

Recently, he has been developing brains for smaller robotic airplanes.  His previous work has involved development of advanced control systems, such as VCS™, which is responsible for autonomous ion implantation for the majority of modern semiconductor devices in current production.  Along the way, he devised and implemented the first n-ary device, based on a selectable set of domains of attraction, as well as being one of the original developers of software and hardware combinations that today are referred to as the smart grid.

His current employer, Insitu, is now a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company.