2002 Electrical and Computer Engineering Awards

We are delighted to introduce the 2002 class of Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineers. These inductees join an exclusive group of exemplary graduates who are among the finest in their fields. Each has a unique genius, an exploring spirit, and quiet leadership; each is a guiding power in the advancement toward new ways of thinking and doing. We are indebted to their achievements, their expertise, and their service to humankind. As a new generation begins its work in engineering, these outstanding engineers, in the zenith of their careers, travel into areas heretofore undiscovered and cast a beam whereby the rest can follow and marvel at the view.

Linda P. B. Katehi
John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering

As we celebrate the eleventh anniversary of the Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineer Awards, the School is proud to present seven phenomenal Purdue alumni with the honor that recognizes our very best, the Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineer Award. Out of approximately 20,000 ECE alumni, only 134 individuals can claim this distinction. Throughout the following passages, the recipients offer glimpses into their professional lives, the diverse paths they traveled, and the points along the curve they all share. All received an education from the Purdue School of Electrical Engineering; all achieved the pinnacle of success. Like an elliptical arc, spanning time and distance, the great tradition of Purdue engineering has gone out and come back again.

Leah H. Jamieson
Interim Head of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ransburg Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

November 7, 2002