Mr. Kyosuke Moizumi

Furakawa Electric Company

Kyosuke Moizumi
Purdue provided me with a solid, but creative, engineering background, permitting me to innovate many developments to the benefit of my company and my country. Students, use your abilities and your creativity for the challenges of the twenty-first century!

Born in Miyagi Prefecture, Kyosuke Moizumi received his BSEE at Yamagata University and his MSEE at Waseda University in Japan. He began graduate work at Purdue in 1963 and later that year returned to Japan to become vice president of Furukawa Electric Company, a switchboard manufacturing company established by his father.

In 1972 he worked in concert with Snow Brand Milk Products to develop numerical control systems for making dairy products. Building on that experience, in 1988 he created a computerized system for the sake brewing industry, and Furukawa now focuses its work on developing process control systems. What was once a small family business is now a multi-division company employing 500 individuals. Subsidiaries include Hokkaido Furakawa Electric Co., Furakawa Industries Co., Furakawa Transport Co., Furakawa Electric Co., and Furakawa Engineering Co.

In 1978 Moizumi co-founded Tohoku Culture School, a cluster of professional schools to promote vocational training. The school has expanded and now runs three separate colleges.

Moizumi serves as a trustee of the Japan Switchboard Association of the Tohoku Productivity Center, the Migyagi Industrial Association, and Tohoku Banka Gakuen. He has served as a Principal of Tohoku Intelligent and Technological College.

In 1990 he was awarded the Prefectural Distinguished Service Award from the governor for his contributions to labor administration and in 1993 received a Blue Ribbon Medal from the government for his longtime service as a member of the Labor Committee. A member of the Sendai West Rotary Club, Moizumi and his family take pleasure in extending hospitality to exchange students and have hosted more than twenty students.