Plan of Study Information for MS Thesis Graduate Students

Please read and be certain to understand the BME Academic Dishonesty Policy which is in effect for all BME graduate students.

Plan of Study Deadline: End of first semester

Plan of Study Academic Requirements

MS POS Worksheet

BS/MS - 5th Year Master's POS Worksheet

30 credits total of coursework and research are required.

Plan of Study requirements: 

  • 21 total credit hours of graduate (500 & 600 level) course work
  • 6 cr. hr. BME
  • 3 cr. hr. Quantitative / Analytical*
  • 3 cr. hr. Life Sciences*
  • 9 cr. hr. other graduate coursework
  • Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and in general must receive a B- or better in all courses on the plan of study. At the discretion of the research advisor and advisory committee members, BME and IBSC PhD and BME master’s degree students may use on their plans of study a maximum of two core competency courses with a grade of C+ / C / C-, provided the student's GPA remains 3.0/4.0 or above.

Additional Academic requirements (required but will not be on your plan of study):

  • 2 semesters of BME graduate seminar (BME 69000)
    • one semester of Biomedship OR Grad Student Research Seminar-BME Bytes offered fall and spring may count as one of the two required
  • 9 cr. hr. research credits

Course Options

Work with your research advisor and advisory committee to develop your plan of study. They should help to determine the appropriate core competency area for each Purdue course.

Plan of Study Process and Advisory Committee

  1. Assemble an appropriate advisory committee (with advisor input);
  2. Convene a meeting of this advisory committee;
  3. Present research progress, preliminary research focus, and proposed plan of study in 20 minutes or less at this meeting;
  4. Complete the POS worksheet with signatures of all plan of study committee members; schedule a meeting with the Grad Office to discuss and submit your signed worksheet;
  5. Submit the approved POS online through myPurdue according to ePOS instructions.

Plan of Study Useful Information

Career Path Guidance Documents

Electronic Plan of Study (ePOS) Instructions

Transfer Courses

Modify Plan of Study

IUPUI Course Enrollment Instructions