Robert Mangold's Anemotive Kinetic Sculpture
2002/11/14 00:00:00 US/Eastern
Robert Mangold's Anemotive Kinetic Sculpture was installed in Pickett Park on November 2, 2002

Sam Spickza's Organization
2002/08/23 00:00:00 US/East-Indiana
Sam Spiczka, sculptor from Sartell, Minnesota. Location: Pickett Park, at the corner of Stadium Ave. and McCormick Road

Black and White Prints in Underground Gallery
2002/08/15 00:00:00 US/East-Indiana
Photographs can catch a special moment in time. and these time-snippets permit us to travel through the image to events and places far away.

Maurice Sendak Collection
2003/11/20 00:00:00 US/East-Indiana
Underground Gallery

Sculptures Sold!
2004/02/12 00:00:00 US/East-Indiana
Marian Delp was the winning bidder in last month's sculpture auction.

Sculpture on Campus Competition
2004/01/26 00:00:00 US/East-Indiana
The Visual Arts Committee at Purdue University announces its 2004 Sculpture On Campus Competition. This open competition will place one or more sculptures on the Purdue University West Lafayette campus.

Civil Engineering Display's Aizkorbe Paintings
2004/04/09 00:00:00 US/East-Indiana
The School of Civil Engineering has installed three paintings by Faustino Aizkorbe in their main office.

Rafuse Posters in Underground Gallery
2004/04/14 00:00:00 US/East-Indiana
Nineteen posters depicting Will Rafuse's oil paintings were hung in the Underground Gallery.

Annual Print & Poster Exchange
2004/09/22 00:00:00 US/East-Indiana
The Visual Arts Lending Collection will host it's Annual Print & Poster Exchange over Fall Break this year.

A Sculpture's New Campus Home
2004/09/29 00:00:00 US/East-Indiana
Learn what it takes to get a sculpture onto Purdue's campus.

Poster Exchange a Huge Success
2004/12/17 00:00:00 US/East-Indiana
Articles, Testimonials, and a movie clip featuring this year's Poster Exchange

"Jet Stream" Arrives at Purdue
2005/01/26 00:00:00 US/Eastern
A new sculpture by Nicole Beck was recently installed at Pickett Park

Art on Campus Competition
2005/03/28 00:00:00 US/East-Indiana
The Visual Arts Committee at Purdue University announces its 2005 Art On Campus Competition.

3 Student Award Purchases
2005/03/27 00:00:00 US/East-Indiana
Congratulations to this year's Student Award winners!

New Posters in Underground Gallery
2005/06/15 00:00:00 US/East-Indiana
Nineteen posters from various artists are now hanging in the Underground Gallery

Posters Placed at University Place
2005/08/30 00:00:00 US/East-Indiana
A collection of UVAC posters is on display at the senior living community

2005 Poster Exchange
2005/11/17 00:00:00 US/Eastern
The 2005 Poster Exchange was once again a success.

2005 Art on Campus Competition
2006/03/21 00:00:00 US/Eastern
Three artists have been selected winners of the 2005 Art on Campus Competition

Fall Student Purchase Awards
2005/11/17 00:00:00 US/Eastern
Five pieces of student work have been purchased for display in Purdue classrooms.

Spring Student Purchase Awards
2006/04/10 00:00:00 GMT-4
Three color photographs by students Amanda Winter and Deanna Doll added to Art in the Classroom collection.

2006 Sculpture Competition
2006/06/01 00:00:00 GMT-4
Submissions are now being accepted for the 2006 Sculpture on Campus Competition.

2006 Poster and Print Exchange
2006/09/21 00:00:00 US/Eastern
Cartricia Walters readies frames for the upcomming exchange.

2006 Sculpture on Campus Finalists
2006/10/26 00:00:00 US/Eastern
A brief look at this year's finalist.

Artwork for Adoption
2006/11/08 00:00:00 US/Eastern
The UVAC will soon have a website where departments can adopt artwork without a home.

Semi Annual Interior Art Competition Coming Soon
2007/01/17 00:00:00 US/Eastern
Spring of 2007

Flourish joins Purdue's sculpture family
2007/01/19 00:00:00 US/Eastern
A cold wind swept over Pickett Park as the latest addition to the artwork on campus found a new home

Spring Student Art Purchase
2007/02/23 00:00:00 US/Eastern
Theresa Barrett joins Purdue's Student Art Award Purchase family with Stranded.

New Student Art Awards
2007/04/27 00:00:00 GMT-4
The University Visual Arts Committee have selected the newest Student Art Awards for Spring of 2007

New artwork for room 226
2007/07/05 00:00:00 GMT-4
New artwork installed in EE room 226.

Preparations under way for this year's Fall Exchange.
2007/09/07 00:00:00 GMT-4
Workers ready this year's Print and Poster Exchange.

Animals Seen in the Underground Galleries
2007/11/12 00:00:00 US/Eastern
Animals of many shapes and sizes hang in the Underground Galleries

2008 Poster and Print Exchange
2008/09/29 00:00:00 GMT-4
The 2008 Poster and Print Exchange will be held October 13th and 14th.

Aviation Tech Views Earth
2009/09/17 00:00:00 GMT-4
Professor Tom Eismin obtained three pictures of earth

2009 Print & Poster Exchange
2009/09/21 00:00:00 GMT-4
Annual Print & Poster Exchange takes hours of preparation.

2010 Print & Poster Exchange
2010/09/15 00:00:00 GMT-4
Frames to fill offices across campus next month

MSEE Sub-walk Receives New Art
2010/09/15 00:00:00 GMT-4
Yamagata artwork to adorn MSEE sub-walk

2010 Poster Exchange
2010/11/17 00:00:00 US/Eastern
Near record poster exchange in October 2010; second largest in history of Purdue

2011 Student Art Awards
2011/02/21 00:00:00 US/Eastern
Three campus artists receive Student Art Award for work

Two sculptures have been placed in Picket Park over the summer.
2011/09/22 00:00:00 GMT-4
New sculptures find a home in Picket Park

HELP! Can you work the Exchange?
2013/09/05 00:00:00 GMT-4
Workers needed for the 2013 Print and Poster Exchange October 7th and 8th

Is the Exchange going away?
2013/09/06 00:00:00 GMT-4
Free Office Art! Free Office Art! Free Office Art! October 7th and 8th

New Art in Pickett Park
2014/05/01 00:00:00 GMT-4
Ken Thompson installs his sculpture "Sycamore Arch" in Pickett Park

Print and Poster Exchanged Suspended
2014/10/08 00:00:00 GMT-4
The Print and Poster Exchange has been suspended.

Print and Poster Exchange Returns
2016/03/03 00:00:00 US/Eastern
Hooray! The new home of the print and poster exchange.

Homeless Art
2017/03/10 00:00:00 US/Eastern
Walls are being sought for art pieces

Pickett Park adds art
2017/03/10 00:00:00 US/Eastern
Two new sculptures have been placed in Pickett Park a corner of campus that invites people to relax and enjoy the day.