2019 Industry Sponsored Senior Design Posters

ArcelorMittal | Understanding Hydrogen Embrittlement in 110XF Steels | Webinar

ASML | Material Investigation for the Containment of Liquid Tin used in EUV Lithography Devices

Buehler | Cure and Filler Analysis of Compression Mounting Material

Caterpillar | Characterization of Surface Compound Formation on PM400 | Webinar

Cummins | Characterization and Properties of Surface Modified Steels for Fuel System Components | Webinar

Electronics Inc | Surface Enhancement of Weld Metallurgy for Infrastructure and Related Applications | Webinar

Haynes | Analysis of Unexpected Pitting Corrosion in Corrosion Resistant Ni Based Superalloy | Webinar

Howmet Aerospace | Machining Effects on Mechanical Properties of Ni and Ti Based Superalloy Systems

JM Canty | Image Analysis, Characterization, and Methods Development for Shot Peening | Webinar

Juniper |  Bi-containing SnAgCu Alloys Material property evaluation for advanced semiconductor devices | Webinar

Medtronic | Surface Processing of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Pacemaker Shields | Webinar

NSWC Crane | Advanced 3D Integrated Packaging: Manufacturing and Reliability | Webinar

Praxair | Investigation of 3D Printed Alloy 718 with Oxide Dispersion | Webinar

Proctor & Gamble | Encapsulation of Oils for Use in Biodegradable Hygiene Products | Webinar

Rolls-Royce | Evaluation of CMAS Resistance of Rare-Earth Silicates via Oxy-Acetylene Ablation | Webinar

Wieland | Preliminary Study of Additive Manufacturing Processes for Copper Alloys | Webinar