Purdue Heat Treatment Consortium - Experts in Heat Treating

We in the School of Materials Engineering at Purdue University are pleased to invite you to an information gathering/exchange meeting for our Purdue Heat Treating Consortium! As you may be aware, Purdue is planning the “start-up” of a Center focused on industrially-oriented Heat Treating projects later this year (targeting the summer timeframe).


Envisioned PHTC Attributes

  • Industry-Focused Heat Treatment Research
    • Member-driven, pre-competitive projects
    • Company specific proprietary projects
    • Graduate and undergraduate level projects


  • Demonstrated Faculty Expertise/Capabilties
    • Broad heat treating project background
    • In-house processing/characterization/analysis


Member Benefits

  • Interactive Project Experience
    • Semi-annual meetings and "presentations"
    • Project voting and scoping
    • Project IP licensing priority
    • Member/faculty/student networking


  • Customized Participation and Access
    • Multiple project, senior project, and lab discounts
    • Two membership opetions
    • Three year membership commitment

If you are interested in learning more about PHTC, please contact:

Mark Gruninger, Managing Director of Industrial Consortia


Robyn Jakes, Chief Development Officer


Mike Titus, Technical Director of PHTC