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Graduate Students

The School offers both MS and PhD degrees in the field of Materials Science and Engineering. These programs emphasize the application of the basic sciences to the understanding of the structure, properties, and processing of materials. Programs of study are designed to broaden and deepen the student's knowledge of those parts of the field which are of most universal applicability.




Featured Graduate Student

Travis Thornell, a 2nd year PhD candidate in Materials Engineering, won a 2015 NSF Graduate Fellowship. This prestigious award provides full support for his stipend and tuition for up to 3 years during the remainder of his PhD studies. 

Travis, who is advised by Prof. Kendra Erk, works on the synthesis and characterization of composite and self-healing polymer hydrogels. Hydrogels are an exciting branch of materials research and have far reaching implications. They may impact fields as diverse as biological applications in drug delivery to internal curing aids for concrete and structural applications.

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