Alumni Information: Hail to Old Purdue!

The truest measure of a school is the success of its alumni. Purdue has about 1,500 Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Engineering alumni; and their achievements and continued dedication to the School are a great source of pride. Whether in industry, academia or government, in engineering or a host of other fields of endeavor, recent and not-so-recent grads all take pride in "their" School and the skills that they learned from it. Many of the alums are frequent visitors to the School, attending football or basketball games, presenting seminars to our students or recruiting them for their present employers.

Alumni with University Careers

We are very proud of our MSE alumni who are currently serving in academic positions. To see a listing of the alumni go to Alumni with University Careers  and read who is where.

MSE Alumni and the National Academy of Engineering

The School of Materials Engineering is proud of our alumni who are members of the National Academy of Engineering. To see who belongs, go to the NAE webpage.

Outstanding Materials Engineers (OMSE)

The title of Outstanding Materials Engineer is conferred by the faculty of the Purdue University School of Materials Engineering, in recognition of excellence in some aspect of the field of Materials Science and Engineering or an affiliated profession as exemplified by leadership and accomplishments. For current and previous year winners, please visit the Outstanding Materials Engineers website.


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