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Senior Design Projects 

  • Problem-solving industry-driven project objectives
  • Focus on implementable, novel solutions 
  • Two semesters (fall & spring)
  • Teams of 4-6 students
  • Faculty advisor
Senior Capstone presentation, industry partner

“Purdue’s MSE Senior Design Team aggressively embraced the challenges of a unique heating application brought to Contour Hardening, Inc. by an international business partner. This challenge offered the opportunity to create a significant technical solution and enter into a new market simultaneously. The team provided beneficial testing and analysis along with an award winning business plan. This combined exercise revealed insight required for a start-up business venture. Congratulations to the MSE Team in taking part in an opportunity that demonstrates a true entrepreneurial experience.”

John Storm, MSE ‘77
Contour Hardening

1st Semester August - December

  • Develop goals jointly with corporate partner
  • On-site visit to company
  • Develop project plan and timeline
  • Conduct experimental and/or modeling work
  • Deliver interim report to sponsor, faculty, and students

2nd Semester January - April

  • Continuation of experimental/modeling work 
  • Ongoing interactions with corporate sponsor
  • Synthesis and data design analysis
  • Final oral and written report presented to sponsor and faculty

Student Benefits

  • Practical, hands-on, real-world experience
  • Potential new business creation
  • Professional skills:
  • business writing
  • presentation skills
  • research methods
  • problem-solving and critical thinking
  • team-building
  • networking opportunities
  • snapshot of current industry challenges

Company Benefits

  • Student interaction and exposure
  • Potential new business partnership creation
  • Visibility through senior design posters in Armstrong Hall
  • Invitation to MSE student night
  • Solutions to those high importance, low priority problems that never quite  get done
  • May be tax deductible
  • Exploring new cutting-edge techniques in a low-risk, high-payoff environment

“Cummins Fuel Systems Business is committed to supporting the Purdue MSE Senior Design Project program. The project continually gives a solid return on investment by the new material & process knowledge produced by the students’ work and by access to Purdue MSE’s best and brightest students. More significantly, because our engineers remain engaged with the students throughout the year, it is a chance to “pay forward” the mentoring and coaching that helped formulate and launch our own careers.”

Steve Ferdon, MSE ‘82
World Wide Leader - Materials Engineering Cummins, Inc.

Types of Projects 

  • Process design
  • Properties, measurements and testing
  • Materials characterization, failure analysis
  • Process and materials modeling

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