2020-2021 Industry Sponsored Senior Design Posters

AAM | Shot Media Characterization and Finite Element Modeling of Peening Operations for Automotive Driveline System Components

ArcelorMittal | Hydrogen Embrittlement in As-Cast Slabs of Ultra High Strength Steel

ASML | Analysis of Coatings for The Prevention of SnOx Adhesion inside the Tin Droplet Generator Capillary

Buehler | Thermal Analysis and Modeling of Polymer and Filler Systems for Multiple Molding Processes

Electronics Inc, JM Canty, Ervin Industries, Toyo Seiko North America, and Saint Gobain | Characterization of the Size and Shape of Shot Media for Standards Development

Haynes | Prediction of Mechanical Properties by Machine Learning

Lincoln Electric | A Study of Granulation Methods for Lincoln Electric

Medtronic | Surface Finishing of Titanium Pacemaker Shields Fabricated Through Selective Laser Melting

Praxair | Additive Manufacturing of Advanced Ni-Based Superalloys

Rolls-Royce & Praxair | Optimizing Heat Treatments of Y/Yb2Si2O7 Environmental Barrier Coatings

Rolls-Royce | Directed Energy Deposition of IN 718 for Turbine Blade Repair

2019-2020 Industry Sponsored Senior Design Posters

ArcelorMittal: Understanding Hydrogen Embrittlement in 110XF Steels

ArcelorMittal Webinar

ASML: Material Investigation for the Containment of Liquid Tin used in EUV Lithography Devices

Buehler: Analysis of Compression Mounting Material

CAT: Characterization of Surface Compound Formation on PM400

Caterpillar Webinar

Cummins: Characterization and Properties of Surface Modified Steels for Fuel System Components

Cummins Webinar

Electronics Inc: Surface Enhancement of Weld Metallurgy for Infrastructure and Related Applications

Electronics Inc Webinar

Haynes: Analysis of Unexpected Pitting Corrosion in Corrosion Resistant Ni Based Superalloy

Haynes Webinar

Howmet Aerospace: Machining Effects on Mechanical Properties of Ni and Ti Based Superalloy Systems

Howmet Aerospace Webinar

JM Canty: Image Analysis, Characterization, and Methods Development for Shot Peening

JM Canty Webinar

Juniper: Bi-containing SnAgCu Alloys Material property evaluation for advanced semiconductor devices

Juniper Webinar

Medtronic: Surface Processing of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Pacemaker Shields

Medtronic Webinar

NSWC Crane: Advanced 3D Integrated Packaging: Manufacturing and Reliability

NSWC Crane Webinar

Praxair: Investigation of 3D Printed Alloy 718 with Oxide Dispersion

Praxair Webinar

Proctor & Gamble: Encapsulation of Oils for Use in Biodegradable Hygiene Products

Proctor & Gamble Webinar

Rolls-Royce: Evaluation of CMAS Resistance of Rare-Earth Silicates via Oxy-Acetylene Ablation

Rolls-Royce Webinar

Wieland: Preliminary Study of Additive Manufacturing Processes for Copper Alloys

Wieland Webinar

2018-2019 Industry Sponsored Senior Design Posters

AIM-MRO/GE Aviation: Performance Characterization of Additively Manufactured Turbine Repair Components

ArcelorMittal: Microstructural Influence on Hydrogen Embrittlement in Advanced High-Strength Steels

ASML: Liquid Tin Interactions with Materials used in EUV Lithography Devices

Canton Drop Forge: Analyzing the Effects of Quenching Methods on the Martensitic Through-Hardening of 410 Stainless Steel

Caterpillar: Characterization of Microstructure and Composition Controlling Fracture Split Behavior in Microalloy Forging Steels

California Pellet Mill: Evaluation of Induction Hardening of 4140 Steel Ring Dies

Cummins: Characterization of PVD Coatings in High Pressure Diesel Fuel Injection Systems

Haynes: Homogenization of Ni-and Co-based Superalloys

IMI: The Design and Manufacturing of a Composite Bicycle Saddle

John Deere: Ductile to Brittle Transition in Casting Steels

Juniper: Improving Manufacturing Quality of Electronic Devices Fabricated Using Pre-Soldering Deformation

Logan Aluminum: Crystallographic Texture Development and Characterization in Hot Rolled AA3104 Sheets

Medtronic: Characterization of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V for Use in Pacemaker Shields

NASA: Characterization of Direct Metal Laser Melted Yttrium Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Ni-Cr Superalloys Parts for Launch System Applications

Praxair: Investigation of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloy 718

Rolls-Royce: Crystallization Kinetics of Silicain the Presence of Rare Earth Oxides

Steel Dynamics: Characterization of High Strength, Fatigue Resistant Rail Grades

2017-2018 Industry Sponsored Senior Design Posters

Arcelormittal: Characterization, Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy, and Mechanical Testing of Hydrogen Embrittlement in Advanced High-Strength Steels

Buehler: Evaluation of Coolant Induced Environmental Stress Cracking In Poly(ethylene terephthalate)-Glycol

Crane: Investigation of Microstructural Evolution in Advanced 3-D Logic and Memory Devices

Cummins: Shot Peening Effects on Residual Stress in Heat Treated Steel for High Pressure Diesel Fuel Injection Systems

ASML: Impact of Corrosion/Erosion on alloys for Liquid Tin Transport in EUV Technology

Eli Lilly: Reduction of Sticking in Pharmaceutical Tablet Production

Haynes: Optimization of homogenization cycles for Ni-based superalloys

Intel: Mechanical and Thermal Behavior of Copper Interconnects within Integrated Circuits

Logan Aluminum: Identifying the Origin of Sliver Defects in Rolled Aluminum Sheets

NASA: Development of High Temperature ODS Alloys for Additive Manufacturing of Aerospace Structural Components

Praxair: Investigation of Cracking in 230 Ni Alloy Prepared by Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Rolls Royce: Development of Na2O4Application Technique for Hot Corrosion Testing

2016-2017 Industry Sponsored Senior Design Posters

ArcelorMittal: Correlation of Material Phase Hardness and Macroscopic Properties of 1180DP Steel

Arconic: Susceptibility of Ni-Based Superalloys to Hot Tears with Minor Element Additions

Buehler: Environmental Stress Cracking of Polymer Hoods of Abrasive Cutter in a Coolant-Rich Environment

DePuy: Near-Net Shape Reusable Masking Material for Application in Hip Stem Coatings

Haynes: Optimization of SuperalloyHomogenization Cycles

Hiler: Characterization of the Shell Sand Mold Bonding Process

John Deere: Effects of Thermally-Sprayed Molybdenum Coating Characteristics on Wear Resistance

Juniper: Reliability of Silver Wire Bonds

Praxair: Optimization of Direct Metal Laser Sintering Parameters to Produce Crack Free Alloy 230

Rolls-Royce: Development of Na2SO4 Application Technique for Hot Corrosion Testing

2015-2016 Industry Sponsored Senior Design Posters

Alcoa Analysis and Comparison of Ti-6Al-4V Billet for Forging Stock

ArcelorMittal Characterization and Elimination of Solidification Hooks in Continuous Slab Castings

Battery Innovation Center Materials Failure Analysis of High-Power Li-Ion Batteries

Cummins High Pressure Fuel Injection Systems Shot Peening and its Effect on Residual Stress

IBC DLC Impact of Thickness and Modulus on Adhesion of Diamond Like Carbon Coatings

IBC PEO Structures and Properties in Varying Phase Composition of PEO Coatings

John Deere Remediation of Lost Compressive Residual Stresses in Carburized Steel Gears

Juniper Investigation of Microstructure Evolution in Advanced 3D Memory Devices I10

Medtronic Effect of Thermal Aging on Solderability of ENEPIG Surface Finish Used in Printed Circuit Boards

Rolls Royce Environmental Barrier Coatings for SiC Ceramic Matrix Composite Gas Turbine Blades

TRW Effects of Shot Peening on Residual Stresses in Gear Surfaces

U.S. Steel Characterization of Residual Stress During the Manufacturing of 1-inch Steel Coil

2014 - 2015 Industry Sponsored Senior Design Posters

AFRL: A Colloidal Approach to Liquid Crystal Transflective Displays: Making Your E-Reader Color

Alcoa Howmet: Effects of Increased Tramp Element Content in Cast Inconel 718

ArcelorMittal: Investigation of Slivering Defect Formation in Continuously Cast Steel Slabs

Cisco: First Insertion Failure of Dual In-Line Memory Modules

Contour Hardening: Thermally Initiated Material Transformation in Ballistic Projectiles

Cummins: Autofrettage: Measuring Residual Stress in High Performance Fuel Systems

GE: Preferential Hydrogen Diffusion from Zircaloy-2 Cladding to an Inner ZrBarrier

GNF: Physical Metallurgy of Selected Zr-Alloys

IBC: Optimization of Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings for Medical Applications

IBC PEO: Life Expectancy of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Electrolyte for Aerospace Applications

Medtronic: Reliability of Pb-Free Solder Assemblies for Non-Implantable, Medical Device Applications

Rolls-Royce: Investigation of BSAS Environmental Barrier Coatings for Silicon Carbide Turbine Blades

USS Steel: Thermomechanical Model for Rolling and Cooling of Hot Rolled Steel Band