Distinguished Engineering Alumni

The title of Distinguished Engineering Alumnus or Alumna is conferred by the faculty of the Purdue University Schools of Engineering, in recognition of outstanding achievements in professional and related fields of endeavor.


  • STEVEN FERDON —  BS 1982, for his commitment to environmentally responsible engineering through pioneering innovations in fuel systems supply chain that push for the highest purity standards in the global market and demonstrating technical leadership in pursuing material selection and process design for sustainable global manufacturing


  • JEFFREY GRAVES —  BS 1989, Met. E., for strong corporate and global leadership and management practices in the materials engineering industry by contributing to worldwide technology growth, improved operational efficiencies, manufacturing productivity, and the higher performance of metals and composites


  • LISA VEITCH —  MS 1989, PhD 1989, for her important and persuasive contributions to understanding the materials, and their limitations in reliability, within the joint strike fighter program and other important systems for national defense


  • CARMINE SPINELLI —  BS 1958, for his outstanding and exemplary service to our nation in developing engineering solutions for lowering the cost while increasing safety and manufacturability of a wide range of military systems.  Retired Technical Director, U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), Whitehouse Station, NJ


  • TRESA M. POLLOCK — BS 1984, Met. E., for her leading research on high-temperature materials, and her leadership in the broad field of Materials Science and Engineering.   She is Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.


  • JOHN M. STORM — BS 1977. President and CEO, Founder/Part Owner, contour Hardening, Inc., Indianapolis, IN.


  • WILLIAM W. SHROPSHIRE, JR. — BS 1959, Met. E., for his leadership and forsight in the coatings industry. President and Chief Executive Officer, American Chemet Corp; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Peninsula Copper Industries Inc.; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Columbia Paint and Coatings Co., Deerfield, IL.


  • MICHAEL J. MCCULLEY — BS and MS 1970, for outstanding performance as a technical manager of a highly visible and complex engineering operation. He is Vice President and Deputy Programs Manager, United Space Alliance, Houston, TX.


  • WILLIAM L. GEORGE — PhD 1968, for his outstanding contributions to the semiconductor industry in the development of advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes, materials, and equipment, Corporate Vice President and Director, Die Manufacturing, Motorola Inc.


  • PURNENDU (BENI) DASGUPTA — MS 1969, Met.E., for his extraordinary leadership and his technical contributions to the improvement of steelmaking and casting processes. Vice President, Technology and Environmental Health and Safety, Inland Steel Company, East Chicago, IN.


  • HARRIS L. MARCUS — BS 1963, Met.E., for his outstanding contributions to the understanding of surfaces and interfaces, materials processing, and the mechanical behavior of structural materials. Cullen Trust Professor of Engineering Education & Director, Center & Program of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Texas, Austin.


  • HARVEY W. SCHADLER — PhD 1957, MetE, for his many technical achievements in the field of Materials Science and Engineering coupled with his dynamic leadership in technical management. Manager, Materials Research Center, General Electric Research & Development Center, Schedectady, NY.


  • JOHN H. SCHEEL — BS 1975, MS 1976, Met.E., for his outstanding initiative, leadership, and accomplishments in engineering and management. General Manager, Manufacturing, Armco Steel Company, L.P., Ashland, KY.


  • LEON C. WALTERS — BS 1961, MS 1963, and PhD 1966, Met.E., for his technical contributions to and leadership of a cutting edge research and development program. Associate Director, Experimental Breeder Reactor II Division, Argonne National Laboratory (Idaho Falls).


  • ROBERT A. RAPP — BS Met.E., '56, for significant contributions to the field of high-temperature materials through his teaching and research which has led to innovative applications. Mars G. Fontana Professor of Metallurgical Engineering, The Ohio State University.


  • DEBAJYOTI (DEB) CHATTERJI — MS 1968 and PhD 1971, Met.E., for outstanding and creative contributions to engineering research and development and extraordinary ability in technical management. Vice President-Technical Activities, The BOC Group Technical Center.


  • EUGENE S. MEIERAN — BS Met.E., '59, for recognition of his many outstanding contributions to the materials processing area of the electronics industry. Intel Fellow, Intel Corporation.


  • ROGER A. COVERT — BS Met.E., '51, for outstanding and creative contributions to engineering research and technical sales. Vice President, Sales & Advertising, International Nickel, Inc.


  • ROBERT A. CHOULET — BS Met.E., '61, for outstanding and creative contributions to engineering management. President, Garrett Turbine Engine Company. (Sr. V.P., Mktg. Conslt., Allied Signal, Inc., Torrance, CA).


  • GERALD L. HOUZE, JR. — BS Met.E. '58, for significant contributions to the technical magnetic materials research understanding and his creative management of research leading to innovative technology. Director of Research, Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp., Research Center.


  • STAN R. SEAGLE — BS Met.E., '55 and MS Met.E. '56, for his outstanding technical leadership, originality and marketing efforts in the titanium industry. Vice President, Research & Technical Development, RMI Company.


  • PHILIP G. DEUCHLER — BS Met.E., '49, for outstanding leadership in sales, service, production, marketing, and management in the precious metals industry. Group Vice President, Handy & Harman.(Retired)


  • HERBERT DONALD WEDGE — BS Met.E. '52, for outstanding technical management capabilities for large scale complex engineering operations in the fields of mining and extractive metallurgical engineering. Vice President & Manager, International Base Metals, Hanna Mining. (Retired).


  • HOWARD JOSEPH KLEIN — BS Met.E. '63, for accomplishments worthy of international recognition as well as a high potential for further professional growth and continued contributions in the field of materials engineering. Director, Stellite Research and Development.


  • NELSON B. COLTON — BS Met.E. '52, for outstanding contributions as an engineer, manager, and administrator. Executive Vice President, Operations Division, Franklin Mint Corp. (President, A-Mark Precious Metal, Santa Monica, CA).


  • JOHN G. STRINICH — BS Met.E. '50, widely recognized for his managerial and organizational skills, also has continued to make significant engineering contributions throughout his career. President, Jersey Miniere Zinc Company. (Deceased).


  • SAMUEL G. JOHNSON — BS MetE. '45, MS Met.E. '49, for outstanding professional career and distinguished record of service to our society. He is the manager for Manufacturing Services, International Harvester Co. (Retired - Nashville, IN).


  • GILBERT DEMENTIS — BS Met.E. '49, for outstanding metallurgical and economic research. He is Director, Corporate and Human Resources Planning for Kimberly-Clark Corporation. (Retired).


  • ROBERT MADDIN — BS Met.E. '42, for outstanding metallurgical research and education. He is Distinguished University Professor of Metallurgy, University of Pennsylvania. (Retired - Mashpee, MA).


  • J. C. HOLZWARTH — BS Met.E. '45, MS Met.E. '48, for outstanding metallurgical development and research. He is Technical Director, Research Laboratories, General Motors Corporation. (Retired).


  • STUART T. ROSS — BS Met.E. '47, MS Met.E. '49, PhD '50, for outstanding steel metallurgical process development. He was then Vice President/Technology, Crucible Specialty Metals Division of Colt Industries, Inc. (Deceased).


  • ROBERT L. HADLEY — BS Met.E. '42, for outstanding manufacturing engineering. He was then Vice President/Manufacturing and Engineering, Ray-O- Vac Division, ESB, Inc. (Deceased).


  • GEORGE J. PEER — B. S. Met.E. '45, MS Met.E. '48, for outstanding sales engineering. He was then Vice President/Marketing, Handy and Harman. (President & Ch Exec. Officer, Multi-Metal Wire Cloth, Inc., Tappan, NY).


  • WILLIAM E. TAYLOR — BS Met.E. '42, PhD '50, for basic inventions in power transistor fabrication techniques. He was then Staff Assistant, New Business Studies, Semiconductor Products Division, Motorola, Inc. (Deceased).


  • HAROLD YUNDT HUNSICKER — BS Che.E. '39, for outstanding metallurgical engineering of aluminum alloys. He was then Chief, Physical Metallurgy Division, Alcoa. (Retired).


  • GEORGE FRANCIS SOMMER — BS Met.E. '48, MS Met.E. '49, PhD, '59, for outstanding engineering and administration. He was then a Vice President of Link Belt Company. (Retired).


  • WILLIAM J. HARRIS, JR. — BS Che.E. '40, MS Eng. '41, for outstanding engineering research and development. He was then Assistant to the Vice President of Battelle Memorial Institute. (Smead Distinguished Professor, Civil Engr., Texas A&M).


  • ROBERT JOHN RAUDEBAUGH — PhD.,Che.E. '45. Outstanding professional metallurgist. He was then Teaching Assistant to the Manager, International Nickel Company Research Laboratories. (Retired Exec. Dir., US National Committee World Energy Conference. Plainfield, NJ.).

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