ME News Archive

(This is a legacy page from the previous ME site.  It is no longer updated and links may become inactive over time as articles are removed from the Purdue News site.  For current news see the ME homepage.)

Jan 2007 New technology accurately identifies E. coli for food safety
Nov 2006 CE and ME undergraduate students contribute to a new water system in Puerto Rico

Sept 2006 Purdue to offer aerospace short course on West Coast for engineers

Aug 2006 Purdue engineers lay groundwork for 'vertically oriented nanoelectronics'

July 2006 Purdue leader honored for global approach in teaching engineering

  Purdue expert says staying cool shouldn't burn a hole in your pocket

May 2006 Purdue joins Army to improve soldier maintenance of 'Stryker' vehicles in Iraq
  Purdue part of new $21 million fluid power energy research center
  Nanotubes act as 'thermal Velcro' to reduce computer chip heating
Apr 2006 Micro-pump is cool idea for computer chips
Mar 2006 Diagnostic method drives better tire testing for industry
  Carbon dioxide promises green alternative for air conditioners, refrigerators
  Professor elected fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers
Jan 2006 Purdue engineers solve chaos mystery in use of high-tech microscope
  Researchers study energy-saving method for small office buildings
  Engineers create mathematical method to design better robots, structures
Nov 2005 Purdue method shows promise for improving auto suspensions
Oct 2005 Purdue findings help Coast Guard modify search-and-rescue plane
  Engineers point way to better use of nanotubes as measuring tips
  Mechanical engineers finish fund raising for new addition
Sept 2005 Purdue to help sponsor Indy Robot Racing's autonomous vehicle
  Purdue method will help industry design parts-search systems
July 2005 Machines, software model helping to create better spinal implants
May 2005 Purdue engineering students unveil autonomous vehicle
  Purdue engineering attracts award-winning graduate students
Apr 2005 Purdue seniors to present self-accelerating bicycle and other projects      See here for photos and links to related sites.
  Researchers propose center to develop future chip-cooling technologies
  Purdue miniature cooling device will have military, computer uses
Dec 2004 Purdue method to help engineers design systems for Mars, moon missions
Nov 2004 Mechanical Engineering school honors alumni
Aug 2004 Five new faculty members to join the School of Mechanical Engineering
July 2004 System to monitor heat panels could safeguard future spacecraft
May 2004 Global project takes Purdue, German students for the 'ride' of their lives
  Baja competition leads to Army interest for Purdue engineers
  Purdue, industry partners creating 'intelligent' grinding process
Apr 2004 Industry may benefit from first CAD search system 
Mar 2004 Purdue engineers design 'shape-search' for industry databases
  'Nano-lightning' could be harnessed to cool future computers
  ME alumnus nominated for Academy Award
Dec 2003 Purdue students design motorized towbar for pilots
Oct 2003 Purdue chosen as part of FAA center to study aircraft noise, pollution
Aug 2003 Purdue seniors build automated robotic plane from "off-the-shelf" equipment
  Purdue forms new lab for research and teaching in hybrid-engine cars
Apr 2003 Machine harnesses sound science to probe causes of road noise
Nov 2002 Engineers create simple method for analyzing car designs
Aug 2002 Mechanical engineering students roll out prototype
July 2002 Purdue engineer receives presidential award for young researchers
June 2002 New model to help engineers improve heat-resistant coatings
May 2002 Engineers create robotic system to make composite material
Apr 2002 Purdue Schools of Engineering honor 10 distinguished alumni
  Trustees approve faculty appointments
  Lasers are key to future chip-processing detective work
  Engineers create tiny, wiggling fans to cool future electronics
Nov 2001 Engineers create 'structural radar' to monitor aircraft, vehicles
  Engineering students to display prototypes
Oct  2001 Miniature cooling technologies focus of Purdue-industry center
  Four Purdue faculty recognized as most highly cited researchers
Sep 2001 $10.5 million Perry gift supports mechanical engineering programs
Aug 2001 Engineers 'tread' toward quieter tires
  Control technique cuts electricity bills for commercial buildings
  Team creates smarter sensors to help diabetics, others
Apr 2001 Purdue seniors put their design work to the test for the track
Aug 2000 Space experiments are key to better crystal growth modeling
  Research critically needed for manned space exploration
Nov 2000 Advanced systems aim to keep new cars running clean
May 2000 Laser-assisted machining will make ceramic parts less costly