BTE Fellows

Arthur Brown

Aircraft Clean-sheet Design, Electroaerodynamic Propulsion

David B. Brown

Heat Transfer, Materials Science

Damion T. Dixon

Biomedical/Tissue Engineering

Lynnora Grant

Ceramic Additive Manufacturing, Sintering, Post-processing

Trevor J. Jones

Soft Matter Mechanics

Venkatesh Pulletikurthi

Fluid Mechanics, Turbulence, Wall-bounded Flows, Renewable Energy, Climate Change

Surabhi Singh

Experimental Aerodynamics

Nathalie Thelemaque

Relationship Between Critical Infrastructure and Communities

Malena Agyemang

Investigate Engineering Design Theory and Methodology

Hwangbo Bae

Workforce development in civil engineering

Ibrahim Balogun

Machine Learning Applications to Railroad Problems

Nemmi Cole

Trends in Drinking Water Quality

Laura E. Dalton

Cementitious material characterization using 3D Imaging

Naomi Deneke

Surface and Adhesion mechanics, Surface Modification

Timothy Holder

Psychophysiological wearable and noncontact sensor systems

Ernest Kabuye

Advanced Technologies in Healthcare

Abia Katimbo

Remote sensing application in irrigation management

Chams Eddine Mballo

Flight Mechanics and Control

Noelle Atieno Mware

Mitigation of emerging contaminants in the environment (antimicrobial resistance)

Hope Njuki Nakabuye

Sensor based irrigation water management

Fatima Salahdine

Electrical engineering, wireless communication, machine learning, IoT

Ronald J. Smith

Engineering Systems to feed the world

Michael F. Talley Jr.

Radio Frequency Machine Learning

Katreena Thomas

Experiences of marginalized groups in engineering

Abhishek Kumar Umrawal

Machine learning algorithms for social networks

Kossi Loic M. Avegnon

Hybrid additive manufacturing

Chanel Beebe

Socially engaged design, systems thinking, design thinking

Darius Carter

Fluid Structure Interaction Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Clairmont L. Clementson

Sustainable Biomaterial Utilization

Elihu Deneke

Thermal Systems and Applied Artificial Intelligence

Nelson Glover

Experimental and Computational Neuromuscular Biomechanics

Bethany Gordon

Designer psychology for equitable civil engineering

Leopold N. Green

Engineering microbial chassis for microbiome applications

Brandon Harrison

Low-Cost Diagnostic Devices

Olivia K. Hernandez

Chronic Wound Care for AD/ADRD Patients

Niamat Ullah Ibne Hossain

Systems Engineering, Systems Resilience, Model Based Systems Engineering

Mohammed Naziru Issahaq

Deformation Processing of metals

Sean Jackson

Electrolyte inks for energy generation devices

George William Kajjumba

Water quality; Wastewater treatment; Toxicity; Bioassays; Nutrient recovery; Public health

Jordan Taylor Moore

Nanotechnology interventions for nerve injury

Ayokunle (Ayo) Olanrewaju

Point of care diagnostics & microfluidics

Ronald J. Smith

Technological innovation, controlled environment agriculture, stakeholder engagement, and interdisciplinary planning and collaboration

Chante' D. Vines

Quantifying methane emissions; hydraulic fracturing; micrometeorology

Joseph Wasswa

Photochemical reactivity of dissolved organic matter