Abia Katimbo

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Abia Katimbo

Abia Katimbo earned his BSc. in agricultural engineering in 2013 from Makerere University, Uganda, and his master’s degree in land and water systems in 2018 from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He is a PhD candidate in biological engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he is a graduate research/teaching assistant. His research encompasses the future of irrigation engineering as it touches on the deployment of stationary and remote sensing technologies, along with advanced computational techniques. His work aims to increase food production in agricultural systems through irrigation while reducing excessive pumping of water and pollution. He was a research engineer for Smallholder Fortunes and Thermogenn in Uganda, working with small-scale dairy farmers to address financial loss due to poor preservation of milk. The result was the creation of an off-grid milk cooler known as EvaKuula. Future research endeavors will focus on the benefits of remote sensing data in agricultural production for better ecosystem services and leveraging information technology and remote sensing data in producers’ management decisions. His teaching philosophy starts with knowing all of his students by name, as well as their strengths and weaknesses and their desired teaching approach, while embracing diversity and unique backgrounds. He plans to create extension programs to collaboratively help producers solve problems they face on their farms.

Research Interests

Remote sensing application in irrigation management