Trevor J. Jones

Chemical Engineering, Princeton University

Trevor J. Jones

Trevor J. Jones received his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering in 2017 from Vanderbilt University and is pursuing his PhD in chemical and biological engineering from Princeton University. In his research, he works to develop, study, and program morpho-mechanical rods, taking lessons from biology and thin-film manufacturing to create rods that rapidly and reversibly change shape, size, and stiffness. Jones has applied this knowledge to soft robotics, deployable structures, and biomechanics. The focus of his future lab is bead-woven mechanical meta-materials, and he plans to use this work for outreach to spark public interest in science. In mentoring six diverse graduate students' thesis projects, he has used a “depth-first” approach to build personal and meaningful one-on-one connections. He has helped his mentees conceive projects, conduct experiments and analysis, and build research communication skills. In addition, he has volunteered as a mentor for the visiting Research Experiences for Undergraduates program, American Indian Science and Engineering Society, and first-year engineering students. He is the recipient of the 2022 Gallery of Soft Matter Award and the 2021 SEAS Award for Excellence. As a professor, he will increase representation in advisor-advisee and teacher-student relationships by modeling excellence as an indigenous teacher and by maintaining an atmosphere of accessibility and inclusion.rection and guidance, and she will hold weekly lab meetings where ideas can be shared and help can be sought.

Research Interests

Soft Matter Mechanics