Congratulations to all SURF students!  
164 students contributed to the research endeavors at Purdue!
During the summer, they developed their research skills, collaborated with other researchers, presented their findings, and built a stronger professional network.

Research Symposium

The 11-week program culminated with a Research Symposium in Armstrong Hall of Engineering where students presented their research and learned about other exciting research conducted by their peers over the summer. Throughout the day, 60 oral presentations were made and 104 research posters presented.

Among the various presentations, ten outstanding poster presenters and six oral presenters were recognized at the SURF banquet on August 7.


Outstanding Research Talks

Casey Martin, Environmental & Natural Resources Engineering
You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Carrot Stay Here: Root-Knot Nematode Biological Control in Carrots
Professor Lori Hoagland, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Joseph Muskat, Biomedical Engineering
Simulating Low-Frequency Sonic Pulsations to Achieve Thrombolysis
Professor Charles Babbs, Biomedical Engineering
Prateek Shah, Civil Engineering
Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Low-Rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Kathmandu, Nepal
Professor Santiago Pujol, CE
Sarah Meronk, Wildlife
Investigating the Impact of Invasive Asian Carp on River Otter Diet and the Native Fish Communities of Indiana
Professor Elizabeth Flaherty, Forestry & Natural Resources
Michael Sakano, Biomedical Engineering
Nanomechanics Simulation Toolkit - Dislocations Make or Break Materials
Professor David Johnson, Materials Engineering

Pedro Vitor Pereira, Forestry
The Photosynthetic Response of Northern Red Oak and American Chestnut under Varying Light Intensity and Weed Competition
Professor Douglass Jacobs, Forestry & Natural Resources


Outstanding Research Posters

Evan Schlenker, Electrical Engineering
Thermophotovoltaic System Simulation with Realistic Experimental Considerations
Professor Peter Bermel, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mark Aronson, Biological Engineering
Design of Transgenic S. cerevisiae for Enzymatic Pretreatment
Professor Jenna Rickus, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Jacklyn Hall, Chemical Engineering
Determining Glucose Isomerization Mechanisms on Lewis Acidic Beta Zeolites Using Isotropic Tracer Studies and 1H NMR
Professor Rajamani Gounder, Chemical Engineering
Yvette Valadez-Carranza, Civil Engineering
Examining the Hydration and Mechanical Properties of Cement Paste Containing Cellulose Nanocrystals
Professor Jason Weiss, Civil Engineering
Mahesh Babu Gorantla, Computer Engineering
VAST2015 Challenge Two: Event Analysis from Communication Data
Professor David Ebert, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Michael Bischmann, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
Transverse Impact Testing of Body Armor
Professor Weinong Chen, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Xin Li Phuah, Materials Science Engineering
Grain Boundary Migration of NiO-MgO Alloys
Professor John Blendell, Materials Engineering
Pranith Lomada, Biomedical Engineering
Buckling-driven Force Generation of Cell Cortex
Professor Taeyoon Kim, Biomedical Engineering
Jose Rivas, Mechanical Engineering
Measurement and Calibration of Centrifugal Compressor Pressure Scanning Instrumentation
Professor Nicole Key, Mechanical Engineering
Helena Lysandrou, Cellular & Molecular Biology
Harnessing Notch Signaling for Biomaterial Scaffold-based Bone Regeneration
Professor Meng Deng, Agricultural and Biological Engineering