Graduate Mentor of the Summer Awards for 2018

Each summer, the SURF participants are asked to recognize the contribution of their graduate mentor by nominating them for the Graduate Student Mentor of the Summer award. The purpose of the award is to recognize Purdue graduate student mentors who have provided exceptional guidance and instruction to undergraduate researchers in the SURF program. This year 25 mentors were nominated.

At the SURF banquet on August 3, the following mentors were recognized and received the 2018 Graduate Mentor of the Summer award.


Caralyn Coultas-Mckenney, Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Professor Steve Beaudoin
Nominated by Andrew Roginski
Andrew J. Williams, Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Professor Thomas Siegmund
Nominated by Kristoffer Sjolund
Jeffery Nielsen, Chemistry
Advisor: Professor Philip Low
Nominated by Nicholas Young
Luke Tyree, Nuclear Engineering
Advisor: Professor Robert Bean
Nominated by Christian Young
Allison Perna, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Advisor: Professor Peter Bermel
Nominated by Yiheng Zhu