Fabrication of Functionally Graded Biomedical Implants by Additive Manufacturing and Post Processing to Enhance Surface Quality

Interdisciplinary Areas: Engineering-Medicine, Future Manufacturing

Project Description

Herein, we seek to produce a porous structure on the upper surface of the acetabular cup to improve sustainability and biocompatibility by reducing stress shielding and promoting osseointegration. A smooth uniform surface finish is required on the inner portion of the acetabular cup to improve the wear resistance of the biomaterial during its tribological interaction. Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) will be used to fabricate the functionally graded acetabular cup. To enhance the surface quality of the inner surface of the acetabular cup, Magnetorheological Fluid Assisted Finishing (MFAF) will be implemented. MFAF is an advanced surface finishing operation that utilizes the rheological properties of the Magnetorheological (MR) fluid to produce a mirror-like polished surface without altering the surface quality of the fabricated part. With more than 500,000 total hip replacements occurring in the United States each year and the total global market value of $5.9 billion (2021), there is an enormous opportunity to improve the functional and clinical outcomes of patients by utilizing this novel medical device manufacturing technology.


Start Date

May 1, 2024


Postdoc Qualifications

An individual who have worked on bioimplant fabrication and characterization. Experiences and knowledge in relevant manufacturing processes of fabricating bioimplants and its characterization methods would be desirable.



Yung C. Shin, ME
Hyowon Hugh Lee, BME


Short Bibliography

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