2021 SURF Summer Symposium

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July 29, 2021


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The SURF program culminates with a Research Symposium, where participants present their summer research either at an oral session or a poster session. This event provides a great opportunity for the Purdue community to learn more about the interesting and innovative research being conducted by undergraduates in various labs across campus.

The students disseminate information on the research they conducted throughout the summer and a few presentations are chosen to be awarded during the end-of-summer closing ceremony. For more details on the judging criteria, you can view the following score templates:

2020 SURF Summer Symposium Sessions

The SURF Symposium provides a great opportunity for the Purdue community to learn more about the interesting and innovative research conducted by undergraduates in various labs across campus. This event highlights the scholarly work of SURF students in the following research areas:

  • Big Data/Machine Learning
  • Biological Characterization and Imaging
  • Biological Simulation & Technology
  • Biotechnology Data Insights
  • Cellular Biology
  • Chemical Unit Operations
  • Composite Materials and Alloys
  • Deep Learning
  • Ecology and Sustainability
  • Energy and Environment
  • Engineering the Built Environment
  • Environmental Characterization
  • Genetics
  • Learning and Evaluation
  • Material Modeling and Simulation
  • Material Processing and Characterization
  • Medical Science and Technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Thermal Technology

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To attend* a session/s please select the corresponding Zoom link listed under each session below:

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Session Links

July 30
10:00 AM 

July 30
2:00 PM

July 31
10:00 AM

July 31
2:00 PM

Session A
Medical Science &Technology Biological Characterization & Imaging Cellular Biology Genetics
Session B
Environmental Characterization Ecology & Sustainability Learning & Evaluation Energy & Environment
Session C
Thermal Technology Material Processing and Characterization Biotechnology Data Insights Engineering The Built Environment
Session D
Machine Learning I: Big Data Machine Learning II: Deep Learning Nanotechnology Chemical Unit Operations
Session E
Material Modeling & Simulation No Session Biological Simulation & Technology Composite Materials & Alloys


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Questions related to attending sessions: Call 765 203 1059 or 765 233 6224 or email: eur@purdue.edu


2020 SURF Summer Symposium Award Winners

Best Presentations

1. Danielle M. Angert (Purdue University)

Research Title: The Impact of Extended Stagnation on Building Water Quality

Lab Mentors: Dr. Caitlin Proctor and Kyungyeon Ra

PI: Dr. Andrew Whelton

Department: Lyles School of Civil Engineering


2. Lauren Kilburn (University of Florida)

Research Title: Consequences of Bronsted Acid Site Proximity and Location in H-FMI Zeolites for Propene Dimerization

Graduate Mentor: Elizabeth Bickel

PI: Dr. Raj Gounder

Department: Davidson School of Chemical Engineering


3. Gloria Dietz (Purdue University)

Research Title: Predicting Subsequent Memory From Cognitive States 

PI: Dr. Yu Chin-Chiu

Department: Department of Psychological Sciences


4. Bryan Pamintuan (Purdue University)

Research Title: Design and Analysis of a Novel Membrane Heat Exchanger

Graduate Mentor: Andrew Fix

PI: Dr. James Braun

Department: School of Mechanical Engineering


5. Amanda J. Everly (Purdue University)

Research Title: Structural Studies of Phospholipase C Epsilon

Graduate Mentors: Arielle Silva and Elizabeth Garland-Kuntz

PI: Dr. Angeline Lyon

Department: Department of Chemistry


6. David M. Czerwonky (Purdue University)

Research Title: Localization Imaging of Neuronal Signaling with Spatiotemporal Fluorescent Reporter Data

Graduate Mentor: Justin Patel

PI: Dr. Kevin Webb

Department: School of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Outstanding First-Time Researchers

1. Rachel Wang Zhang (University of Michigan)

Research Title: Using Automated Image Processing to Characterize the Osteocyte Lacunar-Canalicular System

Graduate Mentor: Brenna Flannery

PI: Dr. Russell P. Main

Department: Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering


2. Anuhya Edupuganti (Purdue University)

Research Title: Effects of Cell-Cell Contact During Multicellular Migration 

Graduate Mentor: Hye-Ran Moon

PI: Dr. Bumsoo Han

Department: School of Mechanical Engineering


3. Jingzhe (Zack) Zhang (Purdue University)

Research Title: Development of a Riverine Energy Harvesting Device: Characterization of Wabash River in Lafayette as a Test Site

Graduate Mentor: Yijie Wang

PI: Dr. Jun Chen

Department: School of Mechanical Engineering


Graduate Mentor Awards

1. Justin Patel

Mentee: David Czerwonky

PI: Dr. Kevin Webb

Department: School of Electrical and Computer Engineering


2. Saikiran Gopalakrishnan

Mentee: Ryoma Kawakami

PI: Dr. Michael D. Sangid

Department: School of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering


3. Danielle N. Wagner

Mentee: Aayush Mathur

PI: Dr. Brandon E. Boor

Department: Lyles School of Civil Engineering


4. Andrea Felicelli

Mentee: Fernando Barrios

PI: Dr. Xiulin Ruan

Department: School of Mechanical Engineering