Medical Insurance Coverage while in SURF

While participating in the SURF program, students will be covered by basic medical insurance through the American Income Life Insurance Company . The insurance benefit is limited and does not cover pre-existing conditions. This coverage is primary. Any unapproved expenses will then be the financial responsibility of the student.

Medical Coverage Limits per incident

$15,000   Accident Medical Expense
    1,000   Accidental Dental Expense
    5,000   Illness Medical Expense
    5,000   Loss of Life
    7,500   Double Dismemberment/Loss of Sight Both Eyes
    3,750   Single Dismemberment/Loss of Sight One Eye           
    3,000   Specified Diseases

Claim Procedure

For non-emergency care, first, go to the SURF office in Wang Hall 4040 to complete the claim form. For services at Purdue University Student Health facility (PUSH), make an appointment and take the completed claim form to the appointment. If non-emergency care is required when PUSH is closed, go to IU Health Arnett Urgent Care at 253 Sagamore Parkway West or Franciscan Express Care at 915 Sagamore Parkway West in West Lafayette.

For emergency situations, call 911. After the emergency, contact the SURF office. 

Important: Always provide the medical facility with the insurance name: American Income Life Insurance - Purdue University-SURF Program.

Medical Facilities near Campus