Every Boilermaker Engineer Codes (EBEC)


Deadline to Register

August 27, 2021

Start Date

August 30, 2021

End Date

December 12, 2021


Portrait of John Cole

Prof. John Cole


Build your skills and resume with this FREE Python coding course! (No previous coding experience required)

Course Info

This course uses Python to introduce fundamental procedural and object-oriented programming concepts. Amongst the many topics covered are such diverse elements as variables, data structures (lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets), file handling, decision structures, loops, functions and modules, as well as classes and objects, data attributes, and methods.

The course is free, voluntary, and non-credit. It will not appear on your transcript or affect your GPA, but students who achieve 70% or more will earn a certificate issued by the College of Engineering. Passing typically requires about 5 hours of work each week for 12 weeks. This includes completing reading assignments, pre-recorded lectures, programming exercises and quizzes as well as a comprehensive multi-week final project.

The class meets once per week for 1 to 2 hours. Help will be available in class and via virtual office hours if at any point you get stuck.

Familiarity with intermediate algebra and a personal computer on which you can install software are required.