Purdue Engineering Strategic Plan

The Roadmapping Process

Phase I of Plan Implementation

The Roadmapping Process was designed to turn the ideals of the strategic plan into actionable recommendations.  To this end, the college identified ten Key Strategy Areas and Engineering Leadership Team members to serve as Strategy Area Champions. The Strategic Actions listed under each Key Strategy Area were defined and driven by Roadmapping Teams under the leadership of Team Captains. 

The Champions, accountable to the Dean of Engineering, led the Steering Committee for their respective Key Strategy Areas.  The Steering Committees were comprised of representatives from the Engineering Advisory Council and the Stakeholder Team Captains for each underlying Strategic Action.  Go to Key Strategy Areas to see the topics and the leadership teams. 

Roadmap Team Captains were faculty and staff members from the College.  Team composition included close to 350 College of Engineering faculty, staff, students, and alumni as well as faculty, staff, and administrators from other Purdue colleges and representatives from other Universities, industry and government from the U.S. and abroad.

Champions and teams were introduced to Blue Ocean Strategy, Polarity Management, and Creative Process experts and tools to help them find creative insight in new ways while scanning the external environment for unusual sources of inspiration and to anticipate the impact of moving the college to its envisioned future while keeping in mind its core strengths and values.  A team of internal resources was also trained to coach and facilitate the teams to efficiently and effectively use these new tools. 

Interim reports in September 2009 provided teams a chance to share and discuss their ideas with Dean Jamieson before submitting their final roadmap recommendations in October 2009.  One-page quad charts were turned into posters to share team progress and concepts with the Engineering Advisory Council in October 2009 and the College-wide community through a traveling poster display in November and December. The Steering Committees provided feedback to their roadmap teams during the interim reporting in September 2009 and provided insight to the dean on synergies and integration among their teams' final roadmap recommendations in November 2009. 

All-in-all, the teams did a remarkable job of delivering recommendations that have great potential to be transformative.

Key Strategy Areas

I. Faculty of 2020

Steering Committee - ELT Champions (Bernie Engel, Klod Kokini); EAC member (Esin Gulari); Team Captains for Actions below

Strategic Actions:

  1. Alignment of professional development with the ideals of the Purdue Engineer of 2020 and the evolving scope of the college (Team Captains: Suresh Garimella, Jim Litster, Karl Smith)
  2. Alignment of criteria and processes for hiring and Promotion & Tenure with the evolving scope of the college and its Leadership Values (Team Captains: Kathleen Howell, Tim Sands)

II. The Research Enterprise

Steering Committee - ELT Champions (Ragu Balakrishnan, Joe Pekny, Arvind Varma); EAC members (Rita Colwell, Sigmar Wittig); Team Captains for Actions below

Strategic Actions:

  1. Alignment of people, resources, and processes to double research (over six years) and meet the unique  needs of the lifecycle stages of an evolving and expanding research program (Team Captains: Joerg Appenzeller, Monika Ivantysynova)
  2. Address Global Challenges and establish System of Systems Institute (Team Captains: Doug Adams, Srinivas Peeta, Yuehwern Yih)
    Initial focal areas include
    1. Health Systems (Focal Leaders: Charlie Bouman, Rex Reklaitis)
    2. Space Systems (Focal Leaders: Bill Crossley, Dan DeLaurentis)
    3. Energy Systems (Focal Leaders: Jay Gore, Joe Pekny)

III. Students of 2020

Steering Committee - ELT Champions (Audeen Fentiman, Dale Harris, Mike Harris); EAC members (Gary Gabriele, Chris Privon); Team Captains for Actions below

Strategic Actions:

  1. The Purdue Engineer of 2020 Curriculum (Team Captains: Diane Beaudoin, Peter Meckl)
  2. Defining the role of Engineering in pre-university education (Team Captains: Bill Oakes, Johannes Strobel)
  3. Professional Masters (Team Captains: R.S. Govindaraju, Dale Harris)
  4. Hybrid PhD (Team Captains: Monica Cox, Hong Tan)

IV. Learning Environment

Steering Committee - ELT Champions (Kathy Banks, Teri Reed-Rhoads); EAC members (Jane Daniels, Deb Grubbe); Team Captains for Actions below

Strategic Actions:

  1. Alignment of recruiting metrics and student support services with evolving scope of the college and ideals of the Purdue Engineer of 2020 (Team Captains: Virginia Booth-Gleghorn, Elliott Slamovich)
  2. Developing Effective and Passionate Teachers (Team Captains: Steve Beaudoin, Phil Wankat)

V. Development of a Leadership Culture

Steering Committee - ELT Champions (Keith Bowman, Vince Bralts, Matt Ohland); EAC members (Kathy Kilmer, Sarah Rajala); Team Captains for Actions below

Strategic Actions:

  1. Progressive Faculty Leadership Development (Team Captains: Jayathi Murthy, Marika Santagata)
  2. Connect student leadership development with the Purdue Engineer of 2020 curriculum (Team Captains: Jean Paul Allain, Beth Holloway)
  3. Alignment of Staff hiring, professional and leadership development, and career advancement with the evolving scope of the college and its Leadership Values (Team Captains: Dan Leaird, Deanna McMillan)
  4. 360° Review and Ombuds Program (Team Captains: Linda Davis, John Sullivan)
  5. Diversity Recruiting, Retention, and Partnership Development (Team Captains: Dulcy Abraham, David Bowker)

VI. Creativity and Risk Taking

Steering Committee - ELT Champions (Jim Cooper, Inez Hua, George Wodicka); EAC member (Emily Liggett); Team Captains for Actions below

Strategic Actions:

  1. Skunkworks, Innovation Institute (Team Captains: Barrett Caldwell, Joe Sinfield)
  2. Creativity Development (Team Captains: Carol Handwerker, Karthik Ramani)
  3. Technology Ethics, Global Impact, and Policy Think Tank (Team Captains: David Radcliffe, Kumares Sinha, C.T. Sun)

VII. Virtual Reach

Steering Committee - ELT Champions (David Carmichael, Rwitti Roy, Tom Shih); EAC member (Sandy Postel); Team Captains for Actions below

Strategic Actions:

  1. HUBzero development (Team Captains: Ashlie Martini, Alejandro Strachan)
  2. Engineering Professional Education satellite facilities and program innovation (Team Captains: Chuck Krousgrill, Richard Liu)
  3. Creating a powerful web presence (Team Captains: Brian Brinegar, David Ebert)
  4. IT integration and evolution (Team Captains: Ed Delp, Sundeep Rao)

VIII. Global Portfolio

Steering Committee - ELT Champions (Melba Crawford, Rabi Mohtar, John Sutherland); EAC members (Juan Ernesto de Bedout, Joe Schoendorf); Team Captains for Actions below

Strategic Actions:

  1. International student experience including service learning (EPICS), COOP/Internships, undergraduate research (SURF), Global Design, and Global Minor (Team Captains: Bill Anderson, George Chiu, Eckhard Groll, Dimitrios Peroulis)
  2. Global Engagement (Team Captains: Shimon Nof, Arvind Raman)
  3. International Faculty Exchanges and Internships (Team Captains: Kaushik Roy, Gudrun Schmidt)
  4. International visibility and partnerships (Team Captains: Tim Fisher, Kinam Park)

IX. Long Range Resource Planning

Steering Committee - ELT Champions (Ahmed Hassanein, Chris Martin, Amy Noah); EAC members (Harold Force, Chris Maziar); Team Captains for Actions below

Strategic Actions:

  1. Financial modeling (Team Captain: Robert Frosch)
  2. Facilities development (Team Captain: Patricia Davies)
  3. Staffing (Team Captain: Andy Weiner)

X. Assessing and Achieving

Steering Committee - ELT Champions (Mark Hastak, Dan Hirleman); EAC members (Gary Cummings, Kirk Law); Team Captains for Actions below

Strategic Actions:

  1. Engaging and empowering faculty, staff, students, alumni, industry, and other critical stakeholders (Team Captain: Jan Allebach)
  2. Inviting external review teams to assess our performance in research and teaching (Team Co-captains: Mike Ladisch, Doraiswami Ramkrishna)
  3. Setting bold goals for internal and external measures of success (Team Captain: Jerry Woodall)

Internal Resource Team

External Experts:  Dr. Roch Parayre - Blue Ocean Strategy; Dr. Barry Johnson and Mr. Robert Jacobs - Polarity Management; Ms Cecilia Berger-Sharp - Creative Process

Internal Resource Team Leaders:  Monica Cardella, Bob Davis, Larry Nies