2017 Favorite Photos from Purdue Engineering

Here are a few of our favorite photos of 2017 across the College of Engineering.
Snow falling on the Purdue Engineering Fountain.
Photo: Marshall Farthing
Preschoolers place native plants in the ground as part of a collaborative class project between EEE495 Urban Water Projects and Bauer Family Resource Center.
YouTube Video: EEE495 Collaboration Project
Photo: Trevor Mahlmann
Toys were set out for children to test at the West Lafayette Public Library during testing for the Purdue INSPIRE’s annual Engineering Gift Guide.
Photo: Teresa Walker
Purdue Space Day saw record attendance of 700+ school children grades 3-8 at their annual outreach event.
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YouTube Video: Highlights from Purdue Space Day 2017
INSPIRE’s toy testing for their annual Engineering Gift Guide brought together hundreds of engineering students and faculty — even Dean Mung Chiang!
Lyles School of Civil Engineering graduate student April Wang measures recently-delivered composite plate shear walls in the Bowen Laboratory.
Photo: Drew Stone
Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering in September.
Photo: Marshall Farthing
Davidson School of Chemical Engineering students and staff during their two-week study abroad trip around Australia in July 2017.
Study Abroad for Chemical Engineering Students
Neil Armstrong statue participating in the 2017 Solar eclipse.
Photo: Jared Pike
Purdue University students celebrate the opening of the $18.5 million Bechtel Innovation Design Center, where student, staff and faculty innovators can create prototypes and other creative designs.
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Photo: Rebecca Wilcox
Purdue University engineering students collaborated with a student team from Universitat Politecnica de Valencia in Spain to build Hyperloop pods, for a competition hosted by SpaceX.
YouTube Video: Purdue Hyperloop Collaboration to Revolutionize Transportation
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Jan-Anders Mansson, Distinguished Professor of Materials Engineering and Chemical Engineeringand director of the Composites Manufacturing and Simulation Center at the Indiana Manufacturing Institute.
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Photo: John Underwood
Scott Tingle (MSME ’88) launched to the International Space Station in December 2017, becoming the 23rd Purdue University astronaut.
Find out more about Scott Tingle.
Photo: Trevor Mahlmann
Purdue Electrical and Computer Engineering researchers hope their new device “risk-on-a-chip” will help identify breast cancer risk factors.
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Photo: Babak Ziaie
bit.ly/prince-ruperts-drops Prince Rupert’s drops, glass structures resembling tadpoles, can withstand the blows of a hammer and yet burst into powdery dust at the slightest touch of their threadlike tails. Now researchers understand why.
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YouTube Video: Prince Rupert’s Drops: 400 Year Old Mystery Revealed
Photo: Trevor Mahlmann
This new paper-based diagnostic device detects biomarkers and identifies diseases by performing electrochemical analyses, and the assays change color to indicate specific test results.
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Photo: Aniket Pal
We love this graduation cap featuring the Engineering Fountain, Winter 2017 Commencement
Photo: Alex Kumar