Dean's Message: October 2017

Dear Purdue Engineering Community,

Much of what we do in a higher education institution: learning, research, outreach and more, comes down to the faculty we recruit and support. We will soon launch a series of events, called "Engineering Faculty Conversations," to encourage stock-taking and brainstorming among faculty members in the College of Engineering. These conversations, across typical organizational boundaries, will provide a platform for engineering faculty to know more about each other’s work, and to achieve the “1+1=3” effect in engaging with industry and society at large.

We also have been investigating the best ways to uphold three dimensions of our educational system at the same time: scale, quality and innovation. We have another record-breaking year of enrollment with over 8,900 undergraduates and over 3,500 graduate students, and we will continue the proud tradition of rigorous and creative learning on campus. At the same time, professional masters programs and online learning, whether driven towards a degree or not, are two additional opportunities in years to come.

Conversations with many of you in classrooms, in the town-hall, during my open office hours and individual faculty discussions have enriched my understanding of the unique culture at Purdue Engineering. The pride and passion for Purdue Engineering is also contagious. In the coming months, we are rolling out a strategy of even stronger messaging and communication with our alumni, friends and peers. Your ideas are always welcome.

According to the recent US News and World Report ranking, Purdue Engineering is again in the Top 10 in the nation, and, among the public universities, in the Top 5. Imperfect as many ranking systems are, we are proud of the great people doing great work in our College of Engineering.

Boiler up!


Mung Chiang
John A. Edwardson Dean of the College of Engineering
Purdue University