Mass Email Distribution


All faculty, staff, and students within the Purdue University College of Engineering

Policy Statement

The purpose of this guideline is to instruct users on appropriate use of mass email lists. Examples of mass email distribution lists include ENGFACULTY, ENGAP, and ENGCS, ENGR-Ugrad, and ENGR-Grad.  As such, these five mass email lists are intended for direct communication between the Dean’s Office and these constituencies. However, messages from outside the Dean’s Office to any of these five mass email lists may occasionally be allowed when they meet the guidelines and criteria listed below.

Guidelines and Criteria

Per University Standard S-7, University email services “are considered an official means for communicating University business…”. Should faculty/staff/students outside the Dean’s office wish to send emails to the above mass email lists, the webmaster will check with the appropriate Associate/Assistant Dean if the message meets the distribution criteria below:

  1. Relates to carrying out the business of the College and/or the University, and
  2. Is of importance across many units in the College

If approved, the email will be released for distribution.

For all other emails, we encourage the use of the following alternate communication channels:

  1. For distribution among faculty/students/staff in Schools/Departments/Divisions, requests can be sent through either the Unit Head, Head’s assistant, Unit’s senate or FAC representative, or Dean’s Staff Advisory Committee (DSAC) representative. Each Unit may have its own criteria for distribution of mass email within the unit.
  2. Direct email to any staff/students/faculty.