Policies and Processes for Changing Joint Appointments

Approved by EAPC on 3/27/2006

Joint appointments among the schools/departments of the College of Engineering or with other Colleges and Schools at Purdue are encouraged when reasonable to provide opportunities to faculty for interdisciplinary activities in discovery, learning and engagement.

It is also important to assess and evaluate that joint appointments remain a successful component of a faculty’s activities. Typically, the appointment of a faculty member will not be changed without his/her consent. Whenever changes in joint appointments are needed, such changes should occur according to the following policies and processes.

Changes within the College of Engineering

  • A request for changes in joint appointment should typically initiate with the faculty member who would like to have such a change.
  • The request should be discussed with the Heads of the schools/departments that the faculty has an affiliation with.
  • If the request involves change of a minor appointment to a different school/department, the decision should be made by the Heads and the faculty member. The decision should be communicated to the Dean’s Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Upon discussion with the faculty member, the Head(s) will prepare a proposal for the change that is agreeable to all; the proposal will be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs for approval. If an acceptable proposal cannot be prepared, the discussions will include the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • If the request requires a tenure home change (including the case of a distinguished professor), the decision should include approval by the Primary Committee of the new tenure home unit, with a request for approval to the Dean and the Provost.
  • In case that a change in the faculty home involves an endowment, an agreement should be reached at the school/department level on how to manage the change and inform the Dean’s Office about the change and the agreement. If a particular endowment is tied to a particular school/department, the faculty member should be informed early on.
  • In case the change involves 100 percent of a faculty’s appointment, the request should come from the faculty a year in advance of the requested change.
  • In case of an Assistant Professor, during contract renewal process or promotion and tenure process, the school/department can initiate discussions for changes in joint appointments of the faculty member.

Changes across Colleges or Schools at Purdue University

  • Engineering faculty who have or want minority joint appointments in Colleges or Schools outside engineering will initiate the request with the Heads of the units and follow a similar process outlined above and inform the appropriate Dean’s Offices.
  • For requests of such minor appointments in engineering, the Heads will work with the faculty member and the Dean’s office before approving them.
  • In cases that involve a change of tenure home into engineering, the request will require approval by the Primary Committee of the new unit as well as the EAPC.