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Diversity Resources

We’re committed to building a collegial and supportive culture in the College of Engineering—one that reflects our diverse world. That’s why diversity among faculty, staff and students is one of our foremost initiatives. We’re creating an environment where everyone has the opportunity to excel, where everyone's contributions and perspectives are respected and valued, and where barriers to respect and collaboration are eliminated.

This type of culture spurs the creativity that drives us as engineers. In the past 12 years, women and underrepresented minority faculty member have increase from 27 (9.6%) to 73 (17.7%) and from 9 (3.2%) to 22 (5.5%) respectively. Engineering is a leader in diversity and inclusion education and is proud to offer a brand new workshop that was piloted in October 2012. Learn more.

  • Engineering Diversity & Inclusion Workshops: These Workshops empower faculty and staff in their ability to make a contribution to a positive diversity environment. Inclusive Circles of Conversation are designed to further the impact of the workshops through additional diversity related conversations. 
  • Engineering Diversity Resources: We support all types of differences, embracing them as strengths. Doing so has led to evolutions in our curriculum, creation of supportive programs and changes in policy.
  • Diversity Action Committee: The committee was created by the Dean in response to a request by several faculty who self-organized following their participation in a series of workshops focusing on race, culture and gender issues in academia, especially within Engineering.
  • ADVANCE: We’re proud members of this National Science Foundation program. Its goal is to increase women’s representation and advancement in academic science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers—contributing to the development of a more diverse workforce.
  • Diversity at Purdue: The Division of Diversity and Inclusion brings together resources, cultural centers and diversity programs across Purdue—working to create a welcoming environment for all and increasing the number of historically underrepresented and diverse students, faculty and staff on campus.
  • Diversity Workshop Participation List: A historical list of College of Engineering faculty and staff who have attended one of the Diversity Workshops or Multicultural Forums.