minerva yeung

Minerva Yeung

Entrepreneur and Investor
BSEE 1992

“I came to Purdue as a Chu Foundation Scholar (scholarship from Hongkong for low-income high-achieving students) -- knowing nothing about engineering and software. ECE professors introduced a whole new world to me. They were demanding yet taught with patience and dedication to bring those who did not have the right foundation up to tackle a challenging curriculum. They pushed us to stretch ourselves and excel. Many of them remained as my colleagues/mentors up to this day. Purdue ECE provided me the foundation for upward mobility. I am confident it will continue to educate many economically-disadvantaged students to fulfill their aspirations.”

Dr. Ming Yee (Minerva) Yeung earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University in 1992. She was named one of the top 10 winners of the first “China Outstanding IT Female” in 2004. In 2006, Yeung and team won an Intel Achievement Award, the highest award recognizing outstanding accomplishments with significant business impact. She is internationally known for her work in multimedia information systems, video processing & digital watermarking. Yeung has had 45 patents granted. She has served as a member of IEEE’s Jack S. Kilby Signal Processing Medal committee. In 2019, Yeung was elevated to IEEE fellow and is currently presiding as chair.

Yeung is the founder of IvyCube科藤园, an educational starup that has coached/educated 1000+ student-courses in Shanghai & Silicon Valley, and has seen its curriculum integrated into several prominent bilingual schools within the People’s Republic of China. She served as Co-Director of Business & Media Products at Intel's Software Group, and Director of Intel’s China Software Center from 2003-2008. She has also served as Principal Engineer with Intel Microprocessor Research Labs, and a Research Staff Member with IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.

Yeung also received her Ph.D. from Princeton in 1996.