boon-lock yeo

Boon-Lock Yeo

Vice President of Engineering 
BSCEE 1992

“I am very grateful for my Purdue education: a wonderful and rigorous training in Electrical and Computer Engineering, exposure to several interesting Math classes, made many friends, and also met my wife. Over the course of my career, I find myself constantly learning new knowledge and applying them, ranging from technical skills, state-of-the-art research topics to management & leadership skills. The ability and confidence to learn about new subjects have been skills I first acquired at Purdue, and have served me well. I expect to be a lifelong learner and hope everyone can enjoy doing that too."

Dr. Boon-Lock Yeo earned a BS in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Purdue University in 1992. He is a VP of Engineering at Google and leads a global team responsible for Google Pixel software development and testing. Previously, Yeo led Engineering and Product at Alphabet Access/Google Fiber. He joined Google/Alphabet in 2007, and returned to Silicon Valley in 2014 after 11 years at Shanghai where he headed Google’s engineering & research efforts in Greater China & SE Asia, and co-led the Google China operations.

Before he joined Google, Yeo led R&D efforts for Intel in China, served as the General Manager for Intel Asia-Pacific R&D Ltd., and oversaw the rapid expansion of Intel R&D efforts in Shanghai. He received two Intel Achievement Awards - the highest Intel award recognizing outstanding accomplishments with significant business impacts. Prior to Intel, Yeo founded a data storage technology startup in Silicon Valley. He previously held R&D positions at Intel Labs, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, and AT&T Bell Labs.

Yeo received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Princeton University. He is internationally recognized for his pioneering research work in data compression and compressed data processing. He is an IEEE Fellow.