Mr. Jonathan A. Murray

General Manager, Cross Business Programs, GE Healthcare

Jonathan A. Murray
"An engineer's goal is to do their job so well they will put themselves out of work. It's why the best engineers are in demand to solve the biggest problems. Evaluate potential solutions and your efforts will be guided to harvest the best rewards."
Jonathan A. Murray earned his BSEE from Purdue University in 1987 and his MSEE from Marquette University in 1988. He also earned an MBA from Northwestern University in 2000. Murray is general manager of cross business programs for GE Healthcare. The organization ensures that multidiscipline area teams span the breadth of GE. The organization's current project was recently featured on the cover of Nature magazine. Murray regularly hosts the annual Purdue student recruiting open house in Milwaukee and is a loyal campus recruiter for GE with Purdue’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Murray has pioneered applications of multi-campus “Research Circles” to enhance the academic-industry relationships needed to accelerate the bench-to-bedside transformation of medical technology. He was recently a panel member for the five-year academic review of biosciences at the University of California, Berkeley, and serves on the industrial advisory board for QB3, the California Institute for Quantitative Bioscience. He received the National Heroes Award from Emergency Medical Services for Children for applying a color-coding system to enhance pediatric safety during CT scans. He is also an Eagle Scout, graduate of the GE Edison Engineering Program and has been granted six U.S. patents, including a gender-specific ECG interpretation algorithm. Murray met his wife, Donna, a 1988 BSME graduate, during freshman calculus class. Their first date was at the HKN lounge for a bottle of Coke and a donut. Donna Murray is an X-ray tube engineer also employed at GE. They have three children — Nathan, Sean, and Jennifer.