Mr. Thomas Mason

Co-Founder, President, and Director, POWER

Thomas Mason
"Having been in electric power for 45 years, I have seen many technology stars rise and fall. The drivers (perceived or real) are economics, environment, national security, safety, and politics. For the next 20 years, favored technologies of solar, wind, and geothermal will contribute little of the growing need for U.S. power. Nuclear and coal will be delayed due to safety, economic, and environmental concerns. Required additions will be gas-fueled. Our interests would be best served if there was a serious effort to improve the efficiency and emissions of our natural-gas-fueled generation."
Thomas Mason (BSEE ’66) of Danville, California, is a recognized expert in power generation and gas turbine technology. During his 40-year career he has assumed responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the world’s largest fleet of gas-fired power plants and the nation’s largest geothermal facility.

Among his countless professional achievements, Mason spent eight years with CalEnergy (now MidAmerican Energy), where he rose to the position of president and COO. He was executive vice president of Calpine Corp. and president of Calpine Power Company. While serving that enterprise, he managed P&L for 92 gas-fired and geothermal power plants. He also created a turbine component development and manufacturing subsidiary and managed Calpine Natural Gas Company. After leaving Calpine, Mason partnered with Pete Cartwright, founder and past CEO of Calpine, to develop the concept of a new power company that became POWER. In addition to his Purdue degree, he holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.