Video Production Services

The Communications Office has video production capabilities for marketing and communications projects for the College, typically related to video for news releases and College initiatives/priorities.

Please fill out the photo/video request form or contact to get help determining the best way to support your video needs.

Campus Video Production Services

These are the video production services for hire at Purdue for recording lectures, panels, and classroom presentations, as well as full production educational and marketing videos.

Additional Resources for Faculty/Staff/Students:

Video Express Rooms - self-service video recording sites that allow faculty and staff to:

  • Easily record high-quality video in a pre-calibrated recording facility.
  • Incorporate multiple digital inputs into video, such as PowerPoint slides, movie files, and websites, in addition to the video and audio of the presenter.
  • Automatically upload recorded videos to a media server for quick online retrieval through the Video Express Website.