Communications Toolkit for the College of Engineering

Who We Are

The role of the Engineering Administration Communications Office is to serve the Dean of the College by supporting top-level College of Engineering initiatives and by managing multiple-unit communications across the College. The purpose of this site is to convey administrative, strategic, editorial, technical, and visual direction and guidance in an effort to achieve consistency with our branding and messaging.

What We Do

Coordinate with the following units:

  • School and program communications offices
  • Engineering Development
  • Purdue News Service, Purdue Today, and the University Communications office
  • Purdue Research Foundation (PRF)
  • Provost and Executive Vice President for Research & Partnerships (EVPRP)

Provide direction in the following administrative areas:

  • Brand system of the University/College
  • CoE website
  • Interpretation of Dean’s projects, plans, and initiatives
    • Offer publications to assist in promoting the College in general (not recruitment materials)
    • Offer photos from the College Photo Library
    • Offer workshops and seminars

Advise (via workshops, presentations, one-on-one discussion) in the following areas of expertise:

  • Marketing communications research, strategy, and planning; strategic communication
  • Publishing industry standards and process
    • Project management
    • Print publications (magazines, books, collateral)
    • Graphic design
    • Editorial: writing, editing, proofreading
    • Freelancers/vendors/agencies
  • Web development
  • Social media (content, curation, social listening, data gathering, data analysis)
  • Video and photography
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising

Working with Us

We receive many inquiries about projects within the various CoE schools, programs, and divisions, and while we are happy to help on an advisory basis, we are not able to accept additional requests, such as:

  • Projects unrelated to the Dean’s projects, plans, and initiatives
    • Pay freelancers to do projects not required by College-level leadership
    • Produce videos that are not required by the Dean or Engineering Development
    • Produce event-related materials (publications only)
    • Photography for units
  • Maintain unit websites or social media accounts
  • Build or maintain faculty websites
  • Promotional items (gifts, tchotchkes)
  • Press releases and PR (public relations)
  • Create stationery
  • Tutoring or training

Engineering Frontiers - Fall 2023 cover

Engineering Frontiers - Fall 2023

Engineering IMPACT - Spring 2023 cover

Engineering IMPACT - Spring 2023

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