2023 ABE Senior Capstone/Senior Design Projects

Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural Systems Management

    Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
Environmental, Crops, and Bees  
  Sebastian Stambaugh, Xinyi Zhou, Haley Etheridge CK-1, Lindberg Road Flood Control/BioSwale Project  (brochure) Video camera icon
  Elizabeth Zelt, Nicholas Habzansky, Hongzhi Wu ICSC-1, Reducing cloggage in the Threshing and Shelling room  (brochure) Video camera icon
1st  Mandar Bagade, Andres Gomez, Jack Dempsey ISA-1, Purdue Student Soybean Competition  (brochure) Video camera icon
  Ethan Elsbury, Drew Flanders, Broc Kissel, Josh Likens NC-1, Cover Crop Applicator  (brochure) Video camera icon
2nd Brian Ebers, Rebekah Huelsenbeck, Nikira Lane RJ-1, Hand Stabilizing Apiculture Device to manage bee frames (brochure) Video camera icon
Machinery and Automation    
  Mike Perkins, Brandon Apple PQS-1, ASABE Quarter-Scale Tractor Video camera icon
1st Tyson Rowe, Garrett Keiser, Joel Beck PQS-2, ASABE Quarter-Scale Tractor (brochure) Video camera icon
  Peiyuan Song, Ryan Stolarczyk, Zebang Zhou PUP-1, Renewable Energy and Electrification of Agricultural Mechanization Video camera icon
  Zachary Adams, Drew Kelham, Jesse Kolb TR-1, AgGrowBot (brochure) Video camera icon
2nd Noah Spear, Bryce Oliver, Heidi Phelps UAV-1, Detasseling Design Project Video camera icon

Biological Engineering

2nd Madison Louis, Fred Sides, Quintin Walter Group 4: Carbonated Kombucha Boba Video camera icon
  Jacob Loncar, Ryan Ricahrd, Zach Walnista Group 5: Non-Alcoholic Hangover Prep Beer Video camera icon
1st Marisa Aloe, Jackson Brady Group 6: Bioswale Nitrogen Removal Process Video camera icon
  Connor Bixby, Jacob Klein-Cohen, Julie Nguyen Group 12: Insulin Production Process Video camera icon
Ethanol Fermentation    

Emily Aicher, Luke Johnson, Michael McGovern

Group 1: Wine Gummies Video camera icon

Amanda Blankenberger, Garret Manquen, Hannah Mitchell, Julia Simler

Group 3: Gluten-Free Beer Video camera icon

Jenna Bradford, Allison Murray, Grant Springer

Group 9: Kosher Vitamin-Fortified Strawberry Ale Video camera icon

Allison Ayers, Ella Ditslear

Group 10: Fermented Fruit Cider Seltzer Video camera icon
1st Natalia Rodriguez, Alexa Stern, Dave Wagner, Isabelle Yates Group 2, Mexican Flavored Puff Snacks (Ques-eetos) Video camera icon
  Lily Hough, Shea Morrissey, Lena Tennant, Megan Walker Group 7, Fortified Vegan Yogurt Bites/Gummies Video camera icon
2nd Brian Kim, Jason Lee, MJ Maurer, Brady Stinson-Smith Group 8: Drinkable Fruit-Based Yogurt Video camera icon
  Kevin Guan, Haoyue Li, Brian Wang Group 11: Plant-Based Protein Snack Video camera icon