2008 Senior Design Projects

Agricultural & Biological Engineering

   Project Members  Project Title  Project Video
1st Keith Mears Free Wheel Valve for Hi-Speed Mobile Application Free Wheel Valve Design
2nd (tie) Joel Fiechter, David Pyle, Pete Schmitt & Eric Wulf Basic Utility Vehicle Design Competition BUV Senior Project
 2nd (tie) John Andruch, James Bartlett, Joseph Dynes, Casey Fillinger, Brad George & Ben Schlipf Quarter-Scale Tractor Design Quarter Scale Tractor
  Jonathan Newell 9 Shank Subsoiler Design Redesign of Subsoiler
  Dan Hobbs & Kugann Ramachandran Motorsports Measurements Sway Bar Testing Device
  Travis Carr, Anne Dare, Samantha Hess, Joseph Neukam & Levi Shelton Spring Development, Water Treatment & Distribution System:  Al Nwai'mah, Palestine Water Treatment System
  Michael Kalisz & Courtney Allen West Lafayette Extended Detention Weland Design Detention Wetland Design
  Andy Berg (ABE), Tyler Stieglitz (ASM) & John Schildmier (ABE) Tandem Bicycle with Planetary Transmission  Tandem Bicycle with Planetary Transmission

Biological & Food Process Engineering

   Project Members  Project Title  Project Video
 1st Rebecca Albrecht, David Conway & John Schumm Economic Analysis and Optimization of Sausage Production Economic Analysis and Optimization of Sausage Production
 2nd Kathryn Hoff, Wyatt Roth & Jessica Sloan Fluidized Bed Processing:  Pharmaceutical Bead Coating Fluidized Bed Processing
  Priscilla Couto, Benjamin Hall, Ruth Pinto & David Yung Design of Par-Baked Bread Facility Par Baked Bread
  David Gill, Robert Gordon, Alex Sei & Alice Robinson Soybean Oil Processing Soybean Oil Processing

Agricultural Systems Managment

   Project Members  Project Title  Project Video
 1st Jared Haughee, Bill Huffmeyer, Jared Brown, Daniel Stahly & Evan Schlegelmilch Improvement of the Auto-Dibbler Auto Dibbler
Auto Dibbler in Action
 2nd Brad Morehouse, Brock Schwenk & Seth Lawrence Beck's Stationary Baler Group Stationary Baler Project
  Wade Miller, Chris Allen, Bill McQuinn, Jeremy Holscher, Matt Gillespie & Dwight Ludwig ADM Working Grain Model ASM Senior Project - Grain Handling Video
Grain Handling in Action
  David Bittner, Brain Scheidler & Evan Steele Singer Farms Case Study on Plum Pox Potyvirus ASM Senior Project - Case Study on Plum Pox
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