2022 ABE Senior Capstone/Senior Design Projects


Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural Systems Management

    Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
Ag Production  
2nd Kaleb Rulon, Austin Conrad, Uel Palmer Kouame, Kyle Soonthornsima BD-2 Mobile Display Unit for Open-Source Telematics Device (brochure) Video camera icon
  Eli Robinson, Evan Walsh, Eric Emerick, Trent Green EJ-1 John Deere Clean Grain Elevator (brochure) Video camera icon
1st Justin Johnson, Ethan Strong, Will Armand, Justin Lammers INC-1 Planter Row Unit Bounce Suppression (brochure) Video camera icon
  Young Un Choi, Loan Cao ISA-1 Purdue Student Soybean Innovation Competition (brochure) Video camera icon
  Austin Herr, David Clark, Colton Clifford, Kaleb Lanoue SB-7 Tire Ablation Device and Testing Video camera icon
  Christian Coe, Sokhna Sall INC-22 Greenhouse with Attached Wastewater System Video camera icon
2nd Juliana Brustolin, Ari Maayan SB-4 Storm Water Runoff System Improvement for a Commercial Property (brochure) Video camera icon
  Jack Utter, Luke Weaver, Carter Wait, Travis Patrick SE-1 Vollmer Farms - River Shore and Land-Use Management (brochure) Video camera icon
1st Marisa Maddox, Colin Mellady, Haley Thomas VD-1 Shadeland Park Expansion Project (brochure) Video camera icon
  Daniel Foley, Matthew Gobel, Nathan Spraque PQS-1 ASABE Quarter-Scale Tractor (brochure) Video camera icon
1st Clare McNicholas, Michael Boland, Tyler Hilgeman, Qingzhuo Qi PUP-1 Access to Energy and Transportation for Small-holder Farmers (brochure)

Video camera icon

2nd Tyler J. McPheron, Ryan Solomon, Michael Fidler SB-1 Improvements to the Well-Driver PUP Vehicle II (brochure) Video camera icon


Chase Trainor, Aaron Fogg, Garrett Glassburn, Sam Bricker SS-1 AgrAbility Articulated Tractor Lift Proposal (brochure) Video camera icon

Biological Engineering

1st Cassidy Lurk, Katie Krick, Emily Engle, Mari Leland Group 2 Mixed Berry Moscato Video camera icon
  Zach Bebar, Dhruv Khanna, Jacob Long, Jack Maher Group 4 Pre- and Probiotic Hard Cider Video camera icon
  Michael McCool, Natasha Abraham, Liam Johnson, Vish Ravichandran Group 6 Rapid-Aged Whiskey Video camera icon
2nd Kelsey Booth, Sarah Ettestad, Kaitlyn Niebrugge Group 7 Blueberry Cider Video camera icon
  Jackson Fields, Sara Mavity, Dalton Saylor Group 9 Modernized Mead Video camera icon
  Victoria Granat, William Schmitt, Miles Thompson Group 11 Citrus Wine Video camera icon

Sofia Alfieri, Emma Keesling, Sarah Heffner, Matthias Voglewede

Group 3 Electrolyte Boba Video camera icon

Madhu Prakash, Jieun Lee, Sydney Cooper

Group 8 TtAgo Protein Purification Video camera icon

Sophia R. Dasaro, Olivia R. Didat, Gentry E. Fleck, Ekta B. Singh

Group 12 Continuous tablet manufacture Video camera icon

Matthew Chan, Andres Dextre, Hailey Szadowski, Ian Welsh

Group 15 Green Fluorescent Protein Purification Video camera icon
  Maansi Asthana, Alyssa Easton, Antonia Dyvik, Julia Mollenhauer Group 1 Cold-Brew Kombucha Video camera icon
2nd Sydney Fisher, Maddie Foley, Sophie Pecher, Christina Tully Group 5 Pea Protein Frozen Dessert Video camera icon
1st Caitlin Carlson, Elizabeth Frazier, Jessica Nieters, Rebecca Slaughter Group 10 Sustainable Cold Brew & Craft Spirits Process Design Video camera icon
  Ruby Atkins, Josephine Bauer, Kate Sorg Group 13 Oat Milk Frozen Dessert Video camera icon
  Allison Biddinger, Laura Flandermeyer, Sangavi Subramani Group 14 Low Lactose Fermented Ice Cream Video camera icon
  Kian Tanaka, Erick Forkpah, Ian Gonzalez Group 16 Extracted Vanilla Coquito Video camera icon