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Each year, US News & World Report publishes their Higher Education rankings. Using peer reviews and other techniques, they seek to help students narrow down their search for the perfect school. Purdue ABE has been ranked #1 in undergraduate schools for 8 consecutive years (2012-2019 – rankings released each Fall) and our graduate program returned to the top spot this year after a brief stay tied for #2 (following an 8-year run at the top spot - 2009-2016 – rankings released each Spring). Our faculty, staff, and students work for continuous improvement to stay on that cutting edge.

"A large 'thank you' and 'congratulations' to our alumni, students, staff, and faculty. Alumni, thank you for representing our program so well in all that you do as professionals and beyond.  Students, thank you for your strong performance in and out of the classroom and for representing our program so well in all that you do.  A special 'thank you' to faculty and staff for all that you do in supporting students and putting students first. Finally, we are fortunate to be part of two great and supportive colleges – Agriculture and Engineering"