ABE Senior Capstone Projects 2011

Environmental Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video


Emily Stein, Brice Brown Two-Stage Ditch Design

 Video camera icon

  Maya Zawadsky-Weist, Austin White IDNR Covered Bridge State Forest Dam Rehabilitation  Video camera icon
1st Eduardo Anzueto, Chelsie Werling Lake Cypress Drainage Solution

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2nd Kephon Stevens, Laura Page Rain Garden Design for West Lafayette Wastewater Treatment Plant  Video camera icon


James Draffkorn, Samuel Noel, Jacob Ohlemiller Drinking Water Issues in Rural Colombia

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Biological Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
2nd Alicia Connaughton, Austin Couden, Adam Dillard, and Sarah Wallskog Berry Complete! A Balanced Diet  Video camera icon
  Emily Fortener, Jamie Ho, Corey Piper, and Jacob Wooddell Masa Verde: Zero Discharge Plant  Video camera icon
1st Danielle Dawson, Kathleen Gilbert, Jeffrey Lai, and Chandana Namburi FiBitz  Video camera icon

Machinery Systems

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
 2nd Jake Horrall, Mike Osowski, and Ben Overmyer 3-Point Scale  Video camera icon
  Kyle Beach, Jason Harmon, and John Marlin CNH Round Baler Test Stand  Video camera icon
  Jacob Kindred, Jacob Nicholson, and Michael Gregg Return Elevator Sampler  Video camera icon
  Nathan Halcolmb, Kevin Burger, Alex Allaby, and Stephen Brunton Fountain Auger Grain Sampler  Video camera icon
 1st Randy Eckel, Wayne Jeffers, Grant White, Mike Lee, and Daniel Butler Project Quarter Scale 2011 (PQS011)   Video camera icon
  Matt Jahnke, Ryan Wallace, and Jared Waltz Pull-Type Compost Spreader  Video camera icon
  Austin Henderson, Aaron Harlow, and Chris Myers Push-Type Compost Spreader  Video camera icon

Grain Systems

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Kyle Emery, Justin Flora, and Ben Long  ADM Dryer Monitoring  Video camera icon
  Clayton Hess and Josh Fortman Maintenance Trainers: Bearing Replacement & Sheave Alignment  Video camera icon
 1st  Aaron Maple and Jason Goley Electrical Trainer and Greasing Simulator  Video camera icon
   Evan Haupert, Tyler Peas, and Devin Vincent Grain Bin Aeration Fan Silencer  Video camera icon
 2nd  Jesse Alderson, Lucas Shideler, and Eric Steidinger Positive Drive Modified Sweep Auger