ABE Senior Capstone Projects 2014

Agricultural Systems

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Tyler Cline, Nate Silvey, and Clint Spreen ADM Railcar Camera Video camera icon  
  Zeke McSherry and Jarvis Cale Bale Weighing System Video camera icon
  Tyler Clemens, Justin Lambert, and Derek Leahy Bunk Sweep/Scraper Attachment Video camera icon
  Alex Yaggie, Jake Hoeing, and Siwen Zhao CNH RFID Tagging System for Round Baler Video camera icon
  John A. Houtman and Sam M. Williams Farm Information Management System Using OpenATK Apps & Cloud-Based Storage Video camera icon
  John Bechman and Ethan Owens Grain Leg Training Module Video camera icon
  Kyle Barry, Daniel Hession, and Cody Schuman GSI Grain Bin Door Redesign Video camera icon
  Brandon Hershberger, Darren Friar, and Alex England Individual Row Yield NVA
2nd  David Bedel, Jonathan Pelsy, and Joseph Tapp Mobile Grain Bin Inventory Solution Video camera icon
  Corbin Abrell, Jay Carbiener, and Andrew Malott Precision Farming Evaluation NVA
  Chandler Keown, Matthew Pharris, Jonathan Angelo, and Stephen Tucker Shear Envi Golf Core NVA
  Ethan Sell and Tyler Reese Straw Toughness Testing Video camera icon
1st Colton Ringel and Adam Sills Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), the Next Technology in Ag? NVA

Biological Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Tressie Barrett, Deanna Esposito, Evan Staton, and Danica Wylin Continuous Marshmallow Processing Video camera icon
1st Robert Agee, Nicholas Miller, Amanda Shanley, and Xiuyuan Yang Hard Cider and Brandy Production Video camera icon
  Aiman Nawari, Nicholas Angermeier, Sung-Ting Chen, and Scott Vanderbosch Hop Extract Video camera icon
  Benjamin Daugherty, Jessica Wade, Nicholas Davis, and Jay Tenhundfeld Micro Malt House Process & Design Video camera icon
  Xun Ahou, Shrishti Khurana, Ziyang Zhou, and Evan Wibawa NAOLEYM - Soy-Based Oil-Absorbing Paper Video camera icon
  Lauren Summers, William Waterstreet, Reid Bonner, and Daniel Paladino Production of Soy Electronic Screen Protectors Video camera icon
  Mark Aikman, Andrew Andis, Katelyn Headings, and Saumya Nagar Production of Soy Pharmaceutical Tablets Video camera icon
2nd Ross Cornelissen, Jacob Daghe, Mengchao Liang, and Brendan Tsai Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Formula production in Ethiopia  Video camera icon
2nd Ricki Eini, Zane Graper, Chenlu Yu, and Caitlin Lahey Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods - Ghana  Video camera icon
  Nicolette Ciasullo, Lauren Green, Farah Iqbal, and Amanda Kreger Small Scale Greek Yogurt Production
  Gordon Showalter, Cassie Cox, Stephanie Neace, and Curtis Morgan Targeted nano-chemotherapeutics for breast cancer treatment

Environmental Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Anthony Ruberti, Breanna Paulson, and Samantha Baus Design of a Trout Stream  Video camera icon
2nd Kristin Rathbun, Rachel Sparks, and Kameryn Wright Hydroponics Systems Development  Video camera icon
  Patrick Glassman and Kirsten Paff Restoration of Water Control Structures in Happy Hollow Park Video camera icon
1st Ian Hahus and Scott Kreeger Trail Conservation at Celery Bog Nature Area Video camera icon
  John Tyler Moore and Kyle Keaffaber Water Management for PPAC Muck Soils  Video camera icon

Machine Systems Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Tyler Crews, Yuqian Lin, Kyle Riffle, Jason Quinn, and Michael Peters Auto Tensioning System for John Deere Draper Belt  Video camera icon
  Austin Fischer, Caleb Schuman, and Christopher Ziga Hydraulically-Powered Grain Cart Axle with Tracks and Variable Motors  Video camera icon
2nd Matt Schenbrenner, Ryan Bradway, and Matt Hinesley Parker Hannifin's Chainless Challenge  Video camera icon
  Jeremiah Cottongim, Jordan Garrity, John Scott, and Luke Car Purdue Practical Utility Platform (PUP) Video camera icon
1st Nathan Chupp, Adam Cross, Dalton Harbison, Rebecca Kallal, Samantha Schmelz, Tucker Stout, and Jason Strasemeier Purdue Quarter-Scale (PQS14) Video camera icon
  Adam Cross Purdue Quarter-Scale Chassis Dynamometer Video camera icon

NVA = No video available