ABE Senior Capstone Projects

2010 Agricultural Engineering

   Project Members  Project Title/Poster Project Video


 Clay Mothershead, Michael McCoy, and Craig Hatfield

Skidloader Boom Extension




 Mark Moehling and Phil Burbrink 

Evaluating Bio-Sand Reactor Behavior for Use in Developing Countries




Craig Cessna, Matt Duncan, Josh Smith, Derek Hostetler,
and Robert Caylor

ASABE ¼ - Scale Tractor




Josh Heber, Kyle Bazur, Eric Cowans, and Courtney Freeland

Basic Utility Vehicle (Drivetrain)




Bruce Cooley and Tiago Forin

Bio-Filter Reactor Scale-Up




Ryan Smith and Mike Genovese

Cameroon Wind Energy Generation




Kyle Brooks and Laura Shonk

Design and Implementation of an Integrated Mobile Ag Chemical Storage and Metering System for Use on Existing Agricultural Equipment




Jeramy Simpson, Caitlin Kincaid, Austin White, and Ryan Martin

Development of Micro Hydropower Systems in Cameroon




Jennifer Lai, Josh Seidner, and Charlie Dewes

The Water Skirmish: Jericho




Kyle Vester, Sarah Rutkowski, Katie Jones, and Nan Hammel

Water Defluoridation in the Great Rift Valley


2010 Biological Engineering

   Project Members  Project Title/Poster  Project Video
 1st Erin Rosswurm, Matt Wolf, Janie Stine, and Tim Meier

Production of a Novel Co-Extruded Hot Dog Product


Danielle Carpenter and Krista Eakins

Soytabs: A Pharmaceutical Tablet Using Soy Concentrate as an Excipient


Anthony Czapla

Whole Food Dumpling Production 


Nicholas Avon, Lisa Bartkowiak, Victoria Horton, and Jeff Mason

Whole Food Smoothie  

2010 Agricultural Systems Managment

   Project Members  Project Title/Poster  Project Video

Aaron Flora, Jason Maple, Jeff Carrell, and Sheldon Alt

All-Terrain Vehicle Equipped with GPS for Tile Planning


Jake Young, William Coffman, and John Marchino

Heated Tarp 

   Tyler Shaw, Nick Barnard, and Zach Dougherty  
 Heath Hook, Charles Young, and Edmund Hyde

Basic Utility Vehicle I (Driveline)

   Tom Nesbitt, Adam Bell, John Hobbs, and Lee Fordice  
Aaron Bobeck, Ben Alyea, and Lucas Powlen
Dan Morris and Zach Shelton
Craig Clemson, Dustin Lindahl, Kyle Musselman, and Matt Sroufe
Nick Fueger and Nick Bredeweg
Starter Fertilizer Application System  
   Jason Shoufler and Alan Hoffman